• Yes, the Muslims have had it rough

    Historically, Islam has been pushed around quite a bit. Between the Crusades, European Imperialism, American Intervention, and external influence the people who practice islam have been dealt a bad hand. We kind of make by blaming the entire group for the actions of the minority. Some extremist Christian groups like The West borough Baptist Church picket the funerals of american soldiers but the media doesn't turn around and able all christians as monsters. (cause many of the viewers are themselves christian)

  • If 2 Billion people on this earth believe in a religion which asks you not to draw the prophet Mohammed

    Why would you decide to draw him?

    Just to exercise your free speech?

    Well i could freely walk up to anyone and call them anything, or purposely insult a group of people, if i wanted to.

    But why would i do that?

    Respect your fellow humans reasonable wishes and beliefs, not just with Islam, but with everything, it's totally fine to disagree with Islam, it's totally fine to be an atheist or find the idea of religion laughable.

    But why try to insult so many people, i don't see the purpose of it, it's just to cause provocation and a reaction so you can reinforce the anti Islam crusade going on right now in the western world.

    Peace :)

  • What makes Islam so special?

    I disagree with the blame for atrocities committed by radicals being wrongly placed on the entire Muslim population but Islam cannot be exempt from criticism. Whilst there are plenty of peaceful Muslims there are a large number of radicalised terrorists who plot disgusting crimes against innocent people. Muslims claim that their religion is wrongly demonised because not all terrorists are Muslims. It's correct that not all terrorists are Muslims, but the fact that Muslim terrorists always cite the reasons for their crimes to be their faith in Islam raises serious questions about why a religion which claims to be peaceful manages to inspire such a large number of followers to commit murders in the name of their faith.
    Christianity comes under a lot of scrutiny, particularly surrounding homosexuality and other smaller religions are ridiculed and labelled as jokes so why should Islam be exempt from criticism?

  • Poverty = Social conservatism and ethnoreligious intolerance

    Please see the reference below: the Ingleheart-Welzel cultural map tells the story. The most social conservatism and ethnoreligious intolerance in the world is in countries that are predominantly Muslim, which are also among the world's poorest countries.

    As the Golden Age of Islam shows, there's nothing specifically in Islam making countries poor, socially conservative or ethnoreligiously intolerant. Rather it's the treatment of Muslim countries from the Christian colonial era through to the modern day that has made them poor -- and has therefore kept them conservative, religiously intolerant and racist. (This by the way, was the default state of Western countries too, through to the 1800s.)

    If you insult the culture of a poor country -- or of immigrants whose identities derive from those of a poor country, then you're offending a largely conservative and intolerant people, and they'll club together to attack you. No surprises there.

    But if you instead insult the culture of wealthy secular-rational individualists, they'll laugh at you and mock your prophets and leaders in caricature.

    The solution may be twofold then:
    1) Don't expect poor people to live as agreeably as rich people; and
    2) Treat poor people decently, and help them out of poverty and they'll act nicer in the long term.


  • Who is Islam to be provoked?

    Under "Islam" you mean religion? If so, no, it has not.

    Islam is a non-physical being. It's an idea. Idea can not be provoked. It doesn't exist physically. Islam is a non-physical being that portrayed in physical beings like books named "Quran" and "Sahih (authentic) Hadiths".

    If you say "Harry Potter doesn't exist in real life, it's a man made story" - it doesn't mean that series of books of "Harry Potter" have been provoked.

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