Has Lutheranism caused a lot of the world's problems?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Many bad things happened under the banner of Lutheranism

    Imperialism and Jim Crow are the two biggest cases. In the first half of the 18th century, the church of England changed to Lutheranism, under the first two Georges. Now the first one wasn't so bad, but the second one was perhaps one of the cruelest tyrants turning a relatively benign country into something of a Scandinavian country's empires. England's empire pretty much started as a copy of Denmark and Sweden's empire. Then you have Jim Crow.

  • Catholicism is Far more Deserving Of The Blame:

    At least Lutheranism had Negro churches, while the Catholic churches were extremely segregated and very few if any Negroes were associated with clergy positions. Lutheranism had more Negro ministers than Catholicism. Lutheranism was more progressive and introduced Rationalism, which pushed them into the future, while Catholicism remained Ancient and increasingly out of touch with reality.
    Catholicism is still very out-of-touch with the real world.
    The "Diet Of Worms" demonstrated how narcissistic and very Un-Christian the Catholic church was and will always be, regardless of the apparent liberalism of Pope Frank. The Catholic church has to be the most out-of-date and Least Christian of all the churches that call themselves Christian.
    They may have a Frank Pope, but let's be Frank about it, he's only a Puppet Frank.

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