Has Manhattan crossed the line with the "separate door " for low-income residents?

  • Of Course They Did

    I hate to tell people but eventually the poor get pissed off and rise up. This will happen in America eventually. I really dont think people see how the chess pieces are moving in this country. There is a reason why the government is planning for massive civil unrest. Why do you think the police are being militarized and there are cameras on every street corner? For terrorists that arent here? Please. It is for the American people once they say enough is enough.

  • They're segregating by income level, so yes, that is crossing a line.

    The last thing that someone who is suffering in a low-income, poverty level condition wants is to be called out on that lifestyle. It's stressful enough, don't make an example out of someone for having a hard time. People that struggle financially also struggle with depression, sometimes mental illness, physical illness, or other factors outside their control.

  • Yes, I believe they have.

    This is a very disturbing practice and I think shows exactly how divided this country is between the rich and the poor. Both should be allowed to use the same door and there is no good reason why they can't. I think the people who allowed this should be ashamed and it should be banned, it is outright discrimination.

  • Politics are the devil.

    I really can not believe that someone would even have the audacity to suggest, let alone implement something like this. As racially sensitive as everyone is right now, it is mind boggling. I can not help but think that this is some sort of plight to gain attention. To what? I'm not sure but this is bad business for everyone.

  • Manhattan has went beyond the line with seperating poor from rich.

    It seems to be a very bad decision on Manhattans part of having a separate door for the lower income residents. They seem to be bringing back segregation, while there are other things to worry with, and they are giving the poor people a separate way to go in and out of buildings, that is just wrong.

  • You get what you pay for!

    First must look the true story. The Manhattan building does have to entrances, one for the million dollar homes and one for the affordable homes. Also the affordable homes are not allowed to use the pool and the gym area of the building. This wrong to me morality. But This is just the way of the world. For example flying first class, which I've never done. This shows that if you pay more you deserve more. The people in first class pay more, so they sit in there own comfortable section; with the best seats and the best food. And are segregated from the lest expensive seats. And I have yet to see a debate about this. Another example would be this expensive restaurant that I use to work at. You could only go in this restaurant by invite, so pretty much you had to be rich. Every once in a while some one poor would show up and they wouldn't be let in. A third example would be how the rich neighborhoods, the Affordable neighborhoods ,and the very poor neighborhoods are separated. Have not seen a debate about this. Because separating areas by income is seen as a normal thing. So why is wrong for this building to do so?
    I would also like to add that this is the price we pay for a capitalist society. In a capitalist society you work your way up and you separate your self from the poor. If Congress made a law saying this building is illegal. Then so would first class, and neighborhoods. You must also ask yourself would the world be a better place if the rich live among the poor ? Maybe it would then again maybe it would wouldn't.
    The people who said yes to this debate are really asking for a more socialist society, well a pure socialist social . Where ever one makes the same amount of money, and live and the same areas. But there is no such thing as a pure socialist society.
    This is the world we live in. This building is just a symbol of the complex systems of government.

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Formerland1 says2014-07-30T00:50:12.287
If the door is privately owned i see no problem .
Rightwing15 says2014-07-30T01:49:57.827
I thought segregation of public assets was illegal, if its a private asset then its totally legal