• Mario Monti has brought stability to Italian Government

    Yes, Mario Monti has done an exceptional job for Italy. He has helped restore faith in government after the scandals of the Berlusconi administration. He can not be expected to repair the lingering fiscal difficulties overnight, but he has been a stabilizing force to restore faith in government and lay the groundwork for working out of fiscal difficulties.

  • Monti Is Doing A Good Job

    I believe that Mario Monti is doing a good job in Italy. You have to look at the the state Italy was in when he got his position and the moves he's made to progressively move it forward. Monti is a good Prime Minister and very capable of doing a great ob in Italy.

  • Mario Monti has been able to improve pension reform and real estate tax.

    Mario Monti was able to prove that real estate was able to change and improve. He was also able to improve the pension reform. He was able to show that the government was capable of of being in charge and ready to back up their promise. Mario Monti was able to keep Italy from falling off the deep end.

  • He is just a puppet of Angela Merkel.

    Non italian people are convinced that Mr. Monti did a great job, but it is not true. This UNELECTED man merely bowed to pressure from Berlin, cut spending where there was least resistance and taxed everybody without regard to income. His election campaign has been disappointing. Italians did not vote for him in the last elections, why? Because he did not govern for Italy, just govern following Germany rules.
    Forza M5S!

  • Mario Monti: An Ineffective Prime Minister

    Although Mario Monti assumed the role of being prime minister in the midst of a severe economic crisis, he has done little to alleviate Italy's woes effectively. His main plan includes implementing austerity programs, which essentially means he is cutting public services. However, these cuts do not serve to stimulate the economy and instead stagnate it. Therefore, Mario Monti has not done a good job due to the stagnancy of the Italian economy.

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