Has Michio Kaku inhibited scientific development by diluting its results in the interest of generating attention among laypeople?

  • Yes he inhibited development

    Yes, this scientist is focused solely on the views of the public, and works to appeal to the public. Because of this, he is less focused on the actual scientific results, which can cause some false data to be pushed through, simply so the public will back an idea more.

  • Bringing Science Into the Home

    Dr. Kaku has made physics and the universe understandable and approachable for most people. Doing so, he has begun creating and nurturing interest in physics. This improves scientific development since it brings more people into physics. The "diluting" of results doesn't affect many of the scientific community, since science needs to be taught at many levels and those who are bringing more scientific developments are not affected by Dr. Kaku's activities.

  • No, I do not believe Michio Kaku has inhibited scientific development at all by bringing it to laypeople.

    Michio Kaku has added his unique slant to science in order to bring awareness down to everyday people. His outgoing personality and willingness to explain has fueled interest in science and given him a huge following. I do not think Michio Kaku has diluted scientific results at all. I think he has performed a much needed service by bringing an incredibly interesting field down to a level we are all capable of understanding. I cannot imagine that this would in any way inhibit scientific development.

  • Attention of everyone is important

    No, I do not believe that Michio Kaku inhibited scientific development by bringing in the attention of the general public. In most cases generating the public support is the most important part of any study and can be used in furthering developments using Michio Kaku's work. In the end everybody wins.

  • Dr. Michio Kaku has brought physics to the living room

    His fellow scholars scoff at the idea. Simplifying the cosmos with such a simple analogy as a string is preposterous! Or is it? Dr. Kaku supports the quantum theory known as "string theory." Many of these same scholars understand the theory based on this very same analogy. However when Dr. Kaku does it, he is blasphemous? I don't feel that this is anymore blasphemous than saying Jesus Christ had a pretty influential dad. It just brings complex ideas to a simpler audience. This may inspire questions in a young (or old for that matter) mind that leads to the next breakthrough eventually. The purpose of his shows are exposing people that may otherwise not be exposed. And lets face it. This country sure could use more smart people.

  • Public attention is importnt.

    No, Michio Kaku has not inhibited scientific development by diluting its results in the interest of generating attention among lay people, because there is something to be said for generating public support for science. Professionals can take Kaku's work and apply it to the highest professional standards for further development. Both interests can be served.

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