• Skype has been successfully tailored to 6 yo needs

    The latest version of skype have insanely big collections of animated emoticons, No option to disable not only animation but to disable emoticon rendering.
    Sure thing that could appeal to young kids but what if use Skype for work? ! Like sharing technical stuff, Source code, Config, Whatever? Why there are no options to turn off all that bull shit? I can't really understand that.

  • can't even log-in to my account

    How is it even possible to mess it up that badly? Because I used skype via different Computers it thinks that my account got stolen and wants me to go through a verification process even thoug I know my log-in credentials (username and password). I ve gotta go through the dumbest questionaire possible and answer ridiculous questions.

  • Useless, Gets worse every update

    I mainly use on desktop computer, For work, Also for video calls. I have to say "used" as it is not possible anymore to rely on skype.
    First, The online status was changed to worse - no idea why. All kind of fancy nonsense was introduced. The useful split screen design (so you see your contacts in a small (! ) window) is no longer possible. Everything is huge and needs lot of space. Also funny, Skype always opens its window in the middle of my screen. Now, I opened an image in the chat window, Sent to a collegue - and I am stuck in that "image-window" - no way to get back into the interface.
    It is really unbelievable what MA did on this program, Used by so many people. It is worthless. Me and all my contacts will have to switch to other software. Skype is dead. Well done, MS!

  • Terrible new SKype

    MS took away all the features that people actually like and use, And introduced new "features" that are useless, And in your face. I do NOT want all my contacts (3000 of them) imported from Outlook to Skype, I want to choose which contacts are on Skype.
    I want to be able customize e. G. : ring tones since I am hard of hearing

  • Microsoft wants everyone to use open source

    Why else would they continue for years to undermine efficient workflow with so many absurd changes to Skype, Dysfunctional apps like OneDrive and general file sharing madness including Sharepoint, And utter confusion between desktop products, Online only, Subscriptions, Office 365, Outlook. Com, Windows Live, Office for business, And so on. . . And on. . . No wonder Gates built a freaking secret tunnel under his house, To escape when the hoards of dysfunction come calling. Open Source seems like one of the few means we the people may have (? ) to function collectively and cooperatively outside the disaster of consumerism. Just sayin.

  • Ohhhh Noooooooo Not Again!

    The old version of Skype was wonderful, Beautiful and easy to use. This new turd is impossible to use, Looks ugly, Crashes and the integration they tried to do with office sucks big time. You cannot find your old chat logs, You cannot easily find people, You miss calls because of poor notifications, It just drives you crazy and gives you a panic attack everytime you try to do something simple, Like call someone. Did I mention it is really slow. It feels like SW from the 90's on a analog modem connection. Back then it would have been considered great but now the year is 2018 and things have changed.

  • I just can't even get started and nothing looks like it used to? ! ?

    Where are all the settings? Where is everything I used to know or at least be able to find with a little effort? I'm an advanced user who knows web programming fairly well and if Microsoft has fubared this reasonably working app known as Skype to the point of me just giving up they've made an excellent job.

  • A good product ruined.

    After many hours spent trying to re-instate Skype after Microsoft messed with it, I have finally given up. The original Skype was simple, Effective, Easy to use and free. It appears to me that whatever you try to do now to get the service back now is not only incredibly difficult but can only be done if you sign up to pay them money. A good product ruined by a crowd of college boy theorists who are clearly too thick to grasp the wisdom of the old addage "if it ain't broke don't fix it"!

  • Unuseable. Have now given up.

    Have spent the afternoon trying to get Skype set up again after Microsoft started messing with it. As far as I can see it cannot be done unless you sign up to send them money. The original Skype was great, Fast, Simple, And free. Microsoft's college boy theorists have completely ruined it. R. I. P. Skype

  • Totally changed. Totally ruined

    It used to be so easy to access. Now it is next to impossible. I gave a Microsoft rep the Skype phone number I had paid for and she said that was not enough to locate my account. I will never get near it again. Thanks for nothing. BTW On my new PC finding it impossible to load Google Chrome. They are out of control.

  • Was easy to use and kept my different contacts in neat groups

    Now they have linked everything together and locked me out as I am too young (at 67) and now have to dig up a deceased parent to sign me in or give them credit card details (which I will not do) but this does not work at the moment.
    A Microsoft invasion of privacy .

  • Skype is useless

    It took twenty minutes to convince them it is my account. Now I cannot get my contact list up. Why on earth fix it if it isn't broke. The new skype is totally useless. I cannot use it. They have lost me forever. They want 42 words of explanation. Here is one: Ruined.

  • Yes they did

    There are lots of new bug in Skype after Microsoft has taken it over
    * Message sequence is incorrect
    * Read messages show as unread even after a reply
    * mark as read not working
    * copy-paste can crash it
    * it raised an update in December-2016 and erased all my history,
    * really really slow
    * crashing ofter
    * Login issues

  • Other compnies ruined Skype

    I don't really agree with the fact that skype is ruined, i think skype is still one of the best communication tool out there. It is decreased its usage in USA, but in other countries Skype still remains on top. Also we must consider all the similiar companies like tango as well which one other reason why we forgot skype.

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