Has modern education lead to juvenile diabetes and obesity?

  • Yes and No

    Yes, modern education on diet and the food pyramid has led to an increase in obesity, but juvenile or type 1 diabetes is a genetic disease, although poor diet may cause it to become a problem earlier. I am sure people reading this will say I have no idea what I'm talking about, but think again. I have type 1 diabetes myself and have done extensive research on diet, exercise, diabetes, and obesity. The modern food pyramid that is taught in schools (with bread and grains at the bottom and fats at the top) is unhealthy and promotes extremely bad health. I bet you still don't believe me, so look up low carbohydrate diets, and read about them here:, and read about the effect they have on diabetes here:

  • Education is positive

    First of all I would like to point out the "juvenile diabetes" is an obsolete term for type one diabetes, an autoimmune disease which is caused by genetics, not obesity. I assume this is referring two childhood onset of type two diabetes, which is more dependent on environmental factors.
    Educations itself is not the cause of obesity, however the food culture and sedentary lifestyle introduced in many schools could be a factor. It is only one aspect in the many cultural and industrials factors in the obesity epidemic. Even if it was, it would not mean the education should be cut down, a more educated populace is generally more healthy in other aspects.

  • Education is a benefit

    Modern education has definitely not led to an increase in juvenile diabetes and obesity, although this isn't to say that juvenile diabetes and obesity haven't been increasing, nor that modern education is necessarily better than education in the past. The effects of education on the physiology of the population is miiscule, and poor diet has largely been the cause of these increases.

  • Modern education has not lead to juvenile diabetes and obesity, simply because schools are not in charge of primary diet.

    I believe modern education is not responsible for juvenile diabetes and obesity simply because the school is in charge of maybe one or two meals a day, breakfast and lunch, while most children eat a majority outside of school. In essence the two have little to no correlation, although you could educate children a little better on eating properly. School food is generally weighed for nutritional value alongside of that.

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