Has modern education led to juvenile obesity and diabetes?

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  • Modern education is not to blame for juvenile diabetes and obesity.

    Education is not to blame for juvenile diabetes and obesity. Poor nutrition and exercise habits are responsible for juvenile diabetes and health habits. With the growing amount of technology that continuously make it easier to do just about anything without having to leave one's home, children simply do not play enough. Play is exercise. Also, most homes have two working parents, which translates to less time to prepare meals and the consumption of a lot more processed foods that contain ingredients that promote juvenile diabetes and obesity.

  • No, education is not responsible for diabetes and obesity in young people.

    Schools are not responsible for the fact that some children are obese and developing Type 2 diabetes at an early age. Typical schools still offer gym education and recess, allowing for physical activity. However, schools should definitely invest time and effort in teaching children about nutrition and portion control, and encouraging them to pass this educational information on to their parents. If we encourage families to cook more at home, a lot of these issues would be solved.

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