Has modern Feminism made the lives of women better?

Asked by: cludwig
  • Yes, of course it has

    The Women's suffrage movement was entirely born of modern feminism.

    The current lgbtq civil rights movement owes much to the progressive third wave feminism movement which seeks to incorporate more LGBTQ equality efforts into the general discourse.

    Feminism is simply the view that women and men should be equal in opportunity and legal protections.

    Feminism has furthered the cause of freedom on a global scale.

    The radical right wing in America fears a strong, intelligent and sexually self-determined woman. That image challenges their status quo.

    This is why there is so much propaganda and vilification of the feminist movement in the media.

    Even on this site, women and men both claim feminism is a hate movement, that it is misandry. This is entirely the result of fear driven propaganda.

    Feminism is about challenging cultural norms and perspectives which are patriarchal and exploitative of women. It rejects gender rolls for men and women. The movement is entirely about self-determination and self-awareness.

    The alternative is the denial of self, and servitude to cultural indoctrination.

  • I personally enjoy equality.

    When I think about feminism, I don't about woman with unshaved legs that tell me, that breastfeeeding is sign of male repression. I think about all the things I would miss without the feministic movements in the last century.

    And I enjoy to
    - vote and stand up for what I believe in
    - have work that allows me to pay my bills without me being required to match a wealthy guys expectations of me
    - study what interests me
    - not being required to know how to make a four layer cake
    - drive
    - read books that I choose and are not approved by my boyfriend
    - not being married (yet?)
    - traveling alone

    Feminism has brought us (western societies!) very close to equality and where we don't have it yet, we have at least the right to stand up for that lack of equality and to promote what changes would ensure it.

  • Ummm.... Yeah duh

    How about everyone who disagrees just go back to when women couldn't vote and they didn't have freedom. Then come back to present times and see how good life is for us. At least we can vote now! Also how would you like to only have to wear dresses everyday?

  • Yes, but there's a caveat.

    This third wave of feminism is very different from its predecessors. Mainstream media has distorted and in many ways adulterated the cause of feminism. There are many more women who have taken up the cause in this decade of rapid information circulation. As such, a large number of them have embraced a sense of equality and entitlement that the suffragettes of the first wave of feminism would deem ridiculous and stupid. For example, there have been some women who are protesting their right to be shirtless on the beach because they are equal to men, and if men do it, then why can't they? Some of the things they are fighting for are just preposterous. Meanwhile, there are women in the Middle East who may have been raped because of certain laws that were in the process of passing that would allow husbands to have intercourse with their wives regardless of consent. Although women have made gains in abortive rights and against some gender role expectations, it has been somewhat tainted, broad, and divided in their collective efforts, leading to many anti-feminists and others preferring to take the roles of equalists, who stray away from tactics that belittle men and instead strive for a more reasonable sense of equality. Modern feminism has done a lot, but perhaps a refocusing of purpose and a sense of global feminist rights may help its true cause.

  • Yes it has, to some extent. (I'm male)

    It has made the lives of women extremely better (well in the u.S) and has given women equal rights. The only problem is that in modern day society feminism has gone to far and is trying to give women more power then completely rather then actually keeping rights distributed equally.

  • I'm a man and I support this

    Rights need not be just won but also maintened. Sure sometimes there are carpups where there are just plain stupid people but we need champaigners to stop evil political masterminds from taking over. They all say that feminists have agendas, maybe they do. But you know who blatantly have evil agendas? Politicians! Let's not go carpover the people who are bringer good to the world and instead focus on evil politicians.

  • Women now enjoy the worst of both worlds.

    In the past, men would work as hard as possible to provide for their family. The wife would stay at home, look after the kids, cook, clean, etc. While the kids were at school, she had time to herself (or to be social). Now, a women gets to go to work, farm the kids off to day care for $1000.00 per month, pick up the kids after work (who act out to get what limited attention she can provide), take them to their after-school activities, do their homework, and clean up the house and cook. She gets no time to herself and little time with her children. Furthermore, she has little time for her own needs and interests. This doesn't sound like feminism has been a boon for women.

  • Women are no longer women.

    I say that in parallel to gender roles. Men are here to support and protect the family. Women are here to nurture the family and primarily make it grow. Now that women are invading the gender roles of men and are providing for the family (even though through these times it takes the two to survive financially) men now no longer feel like they are doing enough to support the family. And through work and financial income, their is competition. Men do NOT want to compete with their women but rather love them as they are women. It is also the same in reverse (although men who stay at home and take care of the children and/or the housework are considered lazy slobs compared to working women who are known as progressive women). DOUBLE STANDARD!

    I am glad that women have the right to vote and attend school but, many things should be left to the guys, like we would leave things that women do to the women. So no. In many ways, feminism has not made it easier for women.

  • Not much has changed, because just speaking up doesn't fix the long standing mindset that Women are the "weaker" gender.

    Even with more speech and more coverage over women's rights, the idea that women are still weaker than men still exists in perception, with research showing that men still find it hard to look up to their female bosses. This shows that it is still a tradition and mindset that is embedded too deeply in society, that women are weaker than men. No matter how many campaigns, they just point out we should allow women to have right because they don't have enough rights now, but the truth is the problem is more than recognising this lack of rights. It is accepting the "rightful" rights of the women we must overcome in order to change things.

  • This is ridiculous

    My respect for feminist is at the lowest of lows. How can you say anything about how women are not treated equally to men? This is an unjustifiable epidemic of idiocy and any woman that is a feminist please challenge me. I am not egotistical man, I am just a man that is fed up with the feminist outcry and wants to state the known facts that are proven, not made up.

  • It has resulted in western demographic demise. Even the early feminists cherished family so that tells you allot about feminism circa 2015.

    Much of feminism as of 2015 has been debunked and taken lightly. The "gender pay gap" only exsists because women choose professions that allow them to be more flexible with their family. Women also cost more to emlploy due to maternity (which is one of the most important things a society can have because it is a sign of continuity).

    Feminism in the 1980's may have ridden some injustices against women (i guess), but the largest and most damaging thing it has done was make women much more selfish (hence the sharp decline in birth rates) and materialistic. A tool of the elite essentially.

    And women have natural bological disadvantages against men that evolution which most feminists in the movement refuse to accept. Women are more emotion based thinkers (meaning they are less rational) and often have less mental stability than men. While they may have better memories and greater physical durability, their most cherished characteristic is their ability to nurture no other man ever has had. Not gay men, not trans men, not any man.

    Which is why some feilds (such as the military) should not have women because they are a less safe bet. Same goes for female - dominated feilds harnessing their evolutionary characteristics such as daycare and many things doing with infants.

    I beleive women should vote, have freedom of choice, careers if they want etc... But i dont beleive women should be (this appies to men too btw) selfish and greedy. All shold sacrifice for the greater good. I also dont beleive in denying reality for a political agenda. Thats unacceptable

  • Exploitation in the name of Feminism

    Feminism is a curse in disguise for woman. The whole act of woman empowerment is simply a false play, there indeed is empowerment or encouragement but to the already encouraged. The woman who don't know what rights they with hold or the kind of encouragement they can get are still in dungeons of being oppressed by the stronger gender. Woman need literacy and the right knowledge of what rights they hold and not a big ass word as feminism with no literal meaning and sheer misguidance to the woman mass.

  • Feminism do it make it easier

    Feminists come over as silly insecure little things.
    They do absolutely nothing for real women.A real women is in control,she knows what she wants and doesn't need a silly little nobody to tell her.
    I'd like to see anyone try to stop me doing what I set out to do.

  • Woman are Already Equal

    There is no need for feminism in the modern world. Women don't have fewer rights than men, and they're treated equally. Modern feminists have actually mislead women into thinking that they aren't living free lives when in reality, they've been free for decades. This has caused free, happy women into thinking that their being left out when they actually aren't.

  • Feminist was a dark day in women culture

    Sadly feminists have turned women into a joke. Women think so badly of themselves because of this.Feminist in its simplest form is a hate group I have never once seen them ever support victims. All they have only ever pursued hate. One of my closest friends believe all the propaganda she became so isolated from society.If she ever did came out of our home she would disguise herself as a man because she was so ashamed of being a woman. I hope one day there actually is a group that believes in women's rights instead of shaming men or women who wish to be women

  • Maybe not really

    Feminism was supposed to make women and men equal, but instead many feminists made it a man hating movement (I am not saying that all feminists hate men, I am just saying that many do and you can see that in many cases) and this caused men to start hating on women even more, it caused MGTOW to start growing and it made more and more men write and say how evil women are, especially on the internet and make mean comments about how useless they are. So, feminism probably made some things better for women, but because of those feminists who hate men it also made women be even more hated on. If those man hating feminists did not exist then the situation would be much much better.

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