• It has failed until it hasn't

    Multiculturalism has not succeeded yet. We have yet to see multiple cultures amicably co-exist in any one area. Some people would point at America and say "it has worked to some extent". I would argue that yes we succeeded in bringing many immigrants together, but it succeeded because those cultures assimilated - society wasn't juggling multiple cultures. Although diverse, the value systems and political beliefs were more aligned then what we have today.

    Modern immigration is a larger problem. Immigrants have often flocked to one area and stuck to their own. When this happens many do not learn the native language and this greatly limits opportunity = poverty. Aside from communication barriers, sometimes the cultural difference is huge. If large groups of people move only due to economics necessity, but don't agree with the culture then there will be pains.

    Unlike the U.S, - European countries will defend their "culture" from intrusion. They aren't as politically correct on this topic and failing to assimilate is not as acceptable. This causes a rift between both sides and we haven't seen it really "work" yet. German'y PM outright said it has failed. I've lived in London and there are definitely specific transplants that don't "fit in".

    That being said, its broke until it isn't. Sometimes progress can take decades and we might be in the middle of this.

  • Yes it has

    Multiculturalism has failed in Europe because there are conflicts between different races and religions. I don't think that all religions could coexist because some say not to associate with others. For example Isis and other extremeist groups. It is because of this that I think that multiculturalism has failed. Don't you agree?

  • Yes it has

    - Fear of islam and terroistists (Bombings, France)
    - Sweden has an anti-muslim act
    - Segregation in the state
    - Europe is more like Quebec then the rest of Canada (refuse to integrate)
    - They’ve spent hundreds of years carving identities (don’t wanna accept the newbees)
    -Europe has had leaders say its failed

  • There is no need to state the obvious.

    Just look at the friction between protestants and Catholics,not only where it most acute in Northern Ireland,but where for centuries it has
    remained so in the U.K.
    Now we have great hostility between jews and
    hindus, against Arabs.Turks generally despise Kirds,besides which
    there is an all around colour bar against negros, who ironically enough want to intergrate.Speaking as an 83 year old white born in
    this country, the West Indians are a mostly Christian, and happy
    people,but many of these find it hard to integrate.
    The situation is

  • Yes it had

    The experiment has truly failed. They brought immigrants and refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, and look at Europe. Many immigrants prey on Europe's lax welfare and refuse to integrate. Now all over these so called "multicultural" countries, there are no go zones for police and the citizens of those countries. I think Europeans may expel the émigrés and halt all new immigration, if the current trend continues.

  • I feel like playing devil's advocate today, other than that I agree with yes

    Many people say multiculturalism has failed because of the current social situation in Europe. However, the current "open gates" immigration policy in Europe is needed. You see, only now does multiculturalism seem to fail, but as more and more minorities replace the whites in the nation. Minorities will be with other minorities and (since they will both be minorities) everyone would get along. There would be no "majority vs minority" battle like nowadays. That and a younger population of minorities is more likely to vote in progressive, and egalitarian parties rather than backwards conservative ones. It all works out in the end because of (just to summarize here):

    - The European aging population can experience a stable pension system and enjoy retirement.

    - Intellectual potential and innovative minds can be unlocked by providing immigrants with the opportunities of education and employment. Who is to say today's janitor will not become tomorrow's engineer or inventor?

    - low-demand jobs are filled and businesses don't experience shortages of essential- but low paying- jobs.

    - progressive parties are put in office rather than authoritarian ones

    - impoverished people are given opportunities that they crossed deserts and oceans (by foot or run-down vehicle). Who knows what novels and movies could come from that?

    - they will exchange their national ideas with the ones of the native population- creating a new culture more enriched than before.

    Hope your racist bottom will shut up with your pessimistic and reactionary, backwards "republican-style" rhetoric. ;-)

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