• Blame New Technology

    Until very recently, you actually had to have talent to make it big in the music industry. Nowadays, with new technology, even someone with the most hideous voice can sing their hearts out and have it be enjoyed by millions. AutoTune has allowed just about anyone to dominate the industry.

  • Music is really going down....

    Back then, there were The Beatles, Queen, ABBA, Edith Piaf, Michael Jackson.... Now, there are Justin Beiber, One Direction, Selena Gomez..... How could they even call themselves musician when the songs they have written are worse than the U.S. Economy. Music once used to have feelings, emotions, and voices. Music nowadays lack meaning and they are plain and simple.

  • Artists used to care...

    Now, to be fair, I think Justin Buber cares a great deal about his music. But what differentiates him and say "the Beatles" is that, for the most part, "the Beatles" did not let others control there music, lyrics, dress, style, behavior, and mentality. The teeny-bopper teens these days are very talented, I cannot argue that, but they are being influenced or exploited by their managers (and others akin) to produce manufactured music that the mainstream public with appreciate. See, in today's time, we have technology that can analyze the beat, rhythm, speed and lyrical placement the top 100 songs. We can then, look at this analysis and predict OR create another chart topping hit. Now, initially, I thought this was wonderful. Why not be able to easily produce popular songs that the public will love? And at first glance, it seems like an amazing feat. But when you supplement technology and managerial know how for musical passion and pursuit, you decrease the time it takes to create musical masterminds, allowing the publics expectations to increase while at the same time limiting the number of artist who have access to these costly enhancements. What you are left with is this: a few super successful artist that have professional help to achieve a new incredible sound every other week, limiting the number of #1 hits that are produced by artists who alone use raw passion, talent and incessant determination. (Unedited)

  • Yes and No, mostly Yes.

    I do think that to some extent the quality of music has gone down. But I also think that the music affected is inside the bubble which I like to call 'the industry'. To some so-called artists, making music is strictly a revenue source. Those artists, whose music is written and composed by desk jockeys and whose voices are auto-tuned with no regard for the quality of the song. There are plenty of good artists there who produce good music, and I do not think it's dependent on the era or time we live in, but rather how deep commercialization has penetrated the music industry.

  • Yes It Has

    Most of the music today consists of words that no person should ever sing to (Not saying that all music today is bad or I wouldn't have anything to listen to.) Sex, drugs, partying, and alcohol are the summary of Rap and Hip Hop which most kids are exposed to. While back when classical music and opera was popular, people were hearing latin which is the base of a lot of languages and they were hearing music that studies know show are good for studying because it activates the right side of the brain while the left is where you are studying and so it heightens concentration which is very little if you are listening to a song with lyrics which are distracting and sometimes disgusting in the least.

  • It used to have talent, originality, and meaning.

    Ah, the days before autotune. What an excellent time period, when people who sang could actually sing. Nowadays, it's about who can get a recording contract. Songs used to be original and actually sound different. Nowadays, many songs sound the same. Ever visit soundsjustlike.Com? Most songs have the same kind of female pop voice, guitars, synths, drums, etc. Songs used to be meaningful- about love, about war, about happy days... Now they're only about partying, drinking, and sex. Yep, it's definitely worse.

  • One Word: Autotune.

    Autotune and similar technologies have allowed for the rise of the "entertainer" over the "musician"; people who have no actual talent but the right "look" to market. They don't have to be able to sing, write music, or play an instrument- they just have to dance around and look the part while the computer does the rest.
    I mean- Ke$ha? The little dimwit is a millionaire and is absolutely talentless.

  • Yes, right with the criminalization of drugs

    As drugs became more and more illegal.....Music suffered 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words

  • Today's Pop music is shameful.

    Pop music today is repetitious garbage. They are either rip-offs of songs made last week or rip-offs of songs made 30 years ago. It amazes me how talentless hacks can become famous for something they don't do. Barely any of them write there own music and/or actually sing live.
    It's shameful.

  • The mainstream music of today has.

    From the hip/hop scene you should think of names like chief, soulja boy or lil wayne who produce nothing but shallow lyrics and cheap beats. All they do is rap about cars, drugs, money, crimes and women they get. Compare this to Gang starr, a rap duo from the 90's with for example; "don't even feel like drinking or getting high, because all that's gonna do really, is accelerate the anxieties I wish i could alleviate".
    Apart from the lack of substance in todays rap music, the delivery is quite bad as well. They sound more like whining children than rappers to me, listen to 'm.O.P - how about some hardcore' and you will hear how convincing these rappers sound. All in all i think the attitude has changed and this is a shame, because not all music is bad today.
    Ofcourse there is more music apart from rap but i find this genre the easiest to use as an exampletoget my point across, since most people listen to rap of this generation.

  • I guess, unless we're talking about rap (AMIRITE)

    Most great music exists in the underground. Along with this fact, mainstream music has always followed a similiar concept since the Beatles. This is the 4/4 time measure that 75% of pop songs follow. Also, on a lyrical perspective, since the 1950s sex and drugs has been promoted throughout all of time

  • No, it has always been this bad in mainstream.

    If you go look up 50s pop music, like not Elvis, but Petula Clark types, or "Mommy Kissin' Santa" music, you will soon uncover loads of trashy pop that nobody remembers. The same can be said for every decade. There are always excellent music groups and crappy pop. Let's get physical? Yeah. Remember that? Gah. There are plenty of good artists out right now, even if the Mainstream has little to offer real "music heads".

  • 21st Century Music

    Wake up! We live in the 21st century! What was then is not what is now. We all live in a world of evolution. Music did not degrade but rather evolved into something better for the new generation. We must learn to accept and love what we have now. The music today only came from the music before. Because without the music before, the music we now have will not exist . Continue to move forward

  • A test of time

    What is often forgotten is that the "old" music we remember nostalgically is still being remembered and played because it was GOOD ENOUGH TO STILL BE RELEVANT AFTER YEARS, DECADES, AND CENTURIES. It is very easy to complain about "today's trashy music" and romanticize the music of the past because we often forget that we only remember the old music because it was good enough to still exist today. Naturally there was "bad" music in the past but we don't think about it because it has not been good enough to be remembered and talked about.

  • I'm afraid that I do not believe that the quality of music has degraded.

    Lets talk about rock and how it works. Rock Singers never got to where they were through being good singers. They got to where they were through being distinctive. It's absolutely true that the mainstream music scene has deteriorated into having a lot of people that can neither write songs or sing, but I don't believe that particularly means that music got worse - it just went in a different direction. If you want good music, you need to look for it. Thanks to the internet there is an incredible potential to listen to bands we would have never even dreamed to hear of. Music has also gotten far more diverse than it ever was.

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Antman036 says2013-08-03T21:32:23.200
Keep in mind that music and other media is just a reflection of our society as a whole. So the quality is relative to the person