• Yes, NAFTA has benefited all parties involved.

    The benefits of free trade have reached all parties that signed the NAFTA agreement. Mexico experienced an increase of more than 15% in exports of manufactured goods as trade barriers fell, Canada increased its net exports to the US and Mexico by more than $140 billion since the institution of NAFTA, and the United States has experienced a quadrupling of exports of goods and services to Canada and Mexico. There have obviously been losers as well, specifically individuals who lost their jobs because they could be done more cheaply or efficiently in a foreign country. It is debatable whether all parties have benefited more than they have been harmed, but to question whether or not each party has benefited at all is just silly.

  • It has made things cheaper.

    Yes, NAFTA has benefited all parties involved, because it has made trade cheaper. This is good for the consumers, who can buy products at lower prices, and whose workers can do other things. It is also good for the producers, who are able to find jobs in their countries that benefit them

  • Yes, I think all parties have benefited from the NAFTA.

    The North American Free Trade Agreement set up a framework for encouraging trade with all parties involved, I think the United States sees the least benefit of all the parties involved but I think overall each nation has net benefited from being part of this agreement and if it was not being beneficial you would see the agreement dissolved or modified.

  • NAFTA is not beneficial for all.

    The North American Free Trade Agreement, otherwise known as NAFTA, has unequally benefitted certain countries, particularly the United States and Canada. It has served to only widen the divides between the richer nations and the poorer nations, which is what the agreement was explicitly designed to protect against. The agreement should be reconsidered or rescinded.

  • No It Hasn't

    NAFTA has not benefited all parties involved. When NAFTA first started we saw a surge in Mexican factories that were dangerous to the environment and worse on the local environment they were in. Factory workers in Mexico were exposed to dangerous elements and dangerous work situations. Saying NAFTA was good for everyone involved is a false ideal.

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