Has neoliberalism in Latin America resulted in a better (yes) or worse (no) Latin American economy?

  • Neoliberalism has resulted in a better Latin American economy.

    I believe that neoliberalism in Latin America has resulted in a better Latin American economy. Sometimes economies must face down periods, but economies always run in cycles. It's been proven time and time again in history that there economics is cyclical. Neoliberalism has become a foundation of the Latin American economic upswing.

  • Yes, neoliberalism has helped the Latin American economy.

    Neoliberalism has helped the Latin American economy. By eliminating tariffs and government interference, Latin America has created an atmosphere that encourages corporations to invest in these countries. These businesses find a steady supply of willing workers. That is a win-win situation. By eliminating government interference, Latin American countries are encouraging business. And that, in turn, helps their economies.

  • A better one

    I think that this form of politics has made latin america a whole lot better as a whole, and that they have seen a lot of good benefits that came from this. I think that the benefits of this will keep coming in and that they will get to enjoy it.

  • Neolibralism Is Theivery

    Neoliberalism is a way for American corporations and banking interests to exploit the lesser developed world. Some countries, like Peru, have sworn off a lot of aid in the name of financial independence. Now, Peru is one of the most stable economies in Latin America. That's because they rejected neoliberal policies.

  • No, neoliberalism in Latin America has resulted in a worse economy.

    I think that neoliberalism has definitely worsen the economy in Latin American countries. Just the current state of a lot of these nations are proof enough for this claim. I do not think that implementing neoliberal views and beliefs is good for any country actually. That is why I hope America doesn't implement such policies.

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