Has Obama and his policies been good for the United States?

Asked by: cevvlique
  • Yes his policies have been good

    As far as his the deficit goes he has dropped it from 1.3 Trillion to 680 billion, it has been falling at the highest rate in decades I would like to see numbers that prove otherwise because when people make a claim of the deficit increasing it's never backed up by any numbers. As far as entitlements go , If you have never lived under the poverty line or known someone who has died because they had no medical insurance you have no right to talk down to anyone. Finally as far as the ACA 7 million more Americans have medical insurance now and any effects on the economy positive or negative are yet to be seen in the coming years.

  • Has Obama and his policies been good for the United States?

    Given the disaster he inherited I believe he has done a good job. I would have preferred single payor rather than the ACA but given the 400 plus fillibuster and an entire TV network in place to bring him down , he did the best he could.....As far as spending , Congress spends the money .

  • Absolutely positively not!

    First, Congress may pass the bill to spend the money, but who signs off on it to make it law?
    Second, he "inherited" a mess? Firemen "inherit" messes too, ever seen one throw gas on it? ;)
    Third, an entire TV network set to bring him down, yes, of course. I assume you mean Fox News in this case. However, I must say, the opposite party has to deal with MSN, MSNBC, CNN, and a few others- Fox is really the only conservative major network.
    Fourth, taken a good look at the rise of the national debt? He has exponentially raised it while in office.
    He makes social classes when they don't need to exist, he forces the government into business, where it does not belong, such as in the Non-Affordable Care Act. Taking over insurance, what is next?
    Entitlements? Work for them. No one is truly entitled to anything.

    Just wait for the taxes... Healthcare taxes are going to hit really hard next year, be ready.

  • Obama definitely wasn't up to the job.

    It has been roughly five years since the crash of the U.S equity markets in 2008, as the economy suffered widespread losses. Millions of jobs were lost resulting in high unemployment, declining housing prices, and the American people suffering the worst recession since the Great Depression. America needed leadership that would provide a steady economic recovery; but stopping at par is not a part of the American dream. Unfortunately, throughout President Barack Obama's first term, he was unsuccessful in restoring a healthy American economy. It is argued that lackluster leadership from the previous Bush administration burdened President Barack Obama; however, President Barack Obama's economic policies have been in effect over the last four years and have yet to revive the American economy. To date, the economy has failed to resume robust economic growth predominantly due to President Barack Obama's healthcare, energy, and taxation policies. To begin, President Barack Obama's healthcare reform policy, colloquially called Obamacare, restricts economic growth through uncertain implementations and increased employer costs. Despite President Barack Obama's admirable desire to provide universal healthcare, his actions have demonstrated unwillingness for a needed compromise. Due to President Barack Obama's argument that cost is the reason so many Americans are uninsured, his healthcare reform Obamacare seeks to lower the cost of guaranteed healthcare in order to make them more affordable for the average American family and to reduce the length of patent protection for pharmaceutical companies, in order for the cheaper, generic alternatives to be available sooner. President Barack Obama funds Obamacare through reforms in the insurance program and by forcing employers to provide higher contributions and broader coverage. (Source If you want to see more there is a second page to this website. In my own words I agree with both the already posted opinion and the source. Obama tried but crashed and burned as I guessed he would. His policies have increased the overall deficit and have only brought the economy lower, not higher. The one thing I wonder about is how many people actually know that our economy is headed down again because of the man they just re-elected. I just hope that something starts going toward the healing process our economy needs.

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