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  • No

    As a small business owner, I don't want the government to do anything but get and stay out of my business.

    Obama has enacted more regulations that cost the private sector $100 million or more to comply with than any other president in the history of our country, something on the order of 150 of them. Bush averaged 6 per year over the course of his presidency.

  • No, Obama has not been good for small business

    I believe that the influence US presidents have on small business is very overrated, so it would be very difficult to say that any president has been good or bad for small business, but I think that Obama has so far failed to do anything helpful. Let's take Obamacare as an example. The president was elected on a campaign where he wanted the "public option" available for anyone who needed it, and it helped him win in a landslide victory over John McCain, and yet he failed to push it through. This could've helped numerous small businesses attract desirable employees when it would otherwise be impractical to provide health insurance when you have less than 20 employees.

  • Obama cares about himself!

    No I don't believe that Obama has been good for small businesses. Small businesses start from the bottom and they usually have to work their butts off to keep business constant, but Obama seems to not care if he doesn't make it easier for them. If he cared, he would have lowered taxes.

  • No President is.

    Obama has not been good for small business, but no President really is. The President's role in influencing what happens to business is indirect and subtle, and those changes tend to be sweeping changes that affect larger businesses much more. In addition, large businesses have much more money so they tend to contribute much more to presidential campaigns, so Presidents (including Obama) are going to care much more about what happens to them.

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