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  • No, Obama has been fair to Muslims

    I think Obama's treatment of Muslims has been just and fair. To radical extremists Obama has made it clear he will not tolerate violence, but to the average Muslim he has shown good judgement and encouraged them to gain control of their own destinies. I'm quite happy with his way of dealing with the issue because we cannot live in a world divided and have any peace. Just because the Muslim belief system is foreign to us does not mean it doesn't warrant consideration, and that Muslims do not have a right to live just like the rest of us.

  • No, "Muslims" are not to blame for extremists actions.

    President Obama understands that not all Muslims subscribe to the beliefs touted by a few who are doing terrible things throughout the world.. Obama can not place responsibility for attacks on all Muslims, when only a few are responsible for these attacks. America must concentrate on going after the few violent Muslims, not all the Muslims in the world.

  • No, generalizing a group like that is wrong

    I'm not sure what the question is even asking. Obama shouldn't have a position on a large diverse group like "Muslims." I think he has been too lenient on divisive leaders in the Middle East, but that has little impact on the entire group that are Muslims. The government should be free of bias when it comes to religion.

  • Blaming whole religions is the wrong answer.

    Those who think Obama has been too easy on Muslims usually think that it is because for some reason the entire religion should be blamed for the actions of a few dangerous terrorists. I think this sort of thinking is fundamentally wrong: Muslim terrorists are dangerous because they are terrorists, not because they are Muslims.

  • No, he is pursing them

    No, he is after the ones that are bad and is finishing what President Bush started. Not all muslims are bad. There are ones that need to be investigated and pursued but we can not discriminate against the whole race because some of them are good and are productive to this world. Those are the ones that we should not be hard on.

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