• Doing the best he can do.

    I think Obama is doing as good of a job as a young person could do considering the mess that was left for him to clean up. I don't think he's been the most perfect president, but people need to remember that no president has ever been perfect. All things considered, I think he's been doing great.

  • All things considered

    I'm disappointed with the first term but I gave him a second because I realize much of it s not on his shoulders. When every last thing to get done is agonizing and has to go through a party that openly said they'd exist to block his every move for four years, it's tough to get things done.

  • Yes, despite the efforts of the GOP

    Obama was sworn into office with a recession breathing down his neck and an uncooperative Congress beneath him. Given these circumstances, I think he has done an admirable job. Congress has given him no support and continuously blocks his attempts to help the American people. He has gotten us out of the recession and ended the war in Iraq, both very positive things.

  • Made it all worse

    Firstly, let me say that I am not a republican and not a Bush supporter. I have to do that because democrats ignorantly think that, by telling me what Bush did wrong, that they are somehow proving me wrong about Obama. Economically, we are in worse shape than we were when Obama took office. Our debt is higher as a country and as individual citizens, our income is lower. Add to the the tax increases coming down the pipe and benefits lost through Obamacare and the problem is compounded. The "uncooperative congress" argument is garbage. Obama had a super majority in congress for his first 2 years in office. He did nothing. He did inherit a bad economy from the Bush years that, in part, was caused by a few terrible policies from the Clinton administration (see Community Reinvestment Act and Commodity Futures Modernization Act). The issue here, is what he did after he took office: More bailouts (and way more expensive ones) which he had previously criticized Bush for. He called Bush unpatriotic for going into debt and having to raise the debt ceiling, and now he's done it multiple times. Combine that with Fast and Furious, the Benghazi scandal, and his administrations refusal to prosecute the Black Panthers for clear civil rights violations and you have a terrible president. He also can't communicate across the isle and has shown himself to be a terrible leader. Clinton, though not perfect, could get the parties together and would respect his opponents. Obama whines like a baby and refuses to deal seriously with anyone that disagrees. Awful leadership and Awful economic policy = awful president.

  • If you like socialism he's a peach

    Obama has done more to ruin this country than any president I can think of. Lets see... Forced health care where bureaucrats will decide whether you get treatment or not. More deficit spending than the last three presidents combined. Involved in letting guns be sold to foreign drug lords so he can blame it on Americans and take our rights away. Wake up America. He is a shill for those who want America destroyed so they can build a "New World Order", just like Bush senior is credited with talking about.

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