Has Obama done a good job of addressing the Obamacare website's glitches?

  • Yes, but it took a long time.

    As far as I know the president has gotten the web site up and running. However, it took a few months and a lot of anguish on the part of the people looking for insurance. He did own up to his role in things, but I am still not sure why this type of thing had to happen with all the tech resources at the government's disposal.

  • President Obama adressed as best as he could the website issues

    Within the time restraints with which Obama was working and the difficulties experienced on the healt care website, Obama managed to inform the people to the best of his understanding about the glitches of the website. Considering how complex a process of building a website is, plus adding the complexity of such a huge undertaking as a website that can incorporate the information coming from various organizations plus in taking huge amounts of info from new users, it is expected that so many glitches will appear in the system. So what Obama did is handle the issues as they arrived

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