• Um, well obviously.

    It is apparent that he has indeed failed because of the sheer amount of illegal immigrants in Texas and the other border states. Instead of taking the effort to discuss this with leaders close to the problem, Obama has made public proclamations that he intends to act alone if necessary. This is unconstitutional. Whatever happened to checks and balances?!

  • Broken System is Still Broken

    After 8 years in the presidency, President Obama has left a lasting impact on America. Some of it has been good, some might be bad, for some it is too soon to decide. One thing is for sure, though, his promise for immigration reform has not been kept. The system was broken when he took office and there has been little progress in these so-called "reforms.

  • Yes, there has been no tangible improvement.

    Dropping the ball means failing on a commitment or responsibility to take action. Massive inflows of illegal immigrants in Texas symbolize the failure. Rather than making a concerted effort to communicate with leaders close to the problem, the president has made public proclamations that he intends to act alone if necessary.

  • Children are our future

    As on of the worlds super powers, America needs a super leader someone that keeps there promises and fights on the front line. Obama at first was this man, but now seems to be taking one step forward and two steps back.

    Immigration is, and always will be a problem for any prospering country. Decisions need to be made on if that person will affect the country in a good or bad way, but when these people are the thousands of children flocking from central America then decisions need to be made fast. And by not visiting the rescue centres and pushing the question away, Obama is not respecting what he set out to do or the voters views and respect or the many lives that he could save.

  • Yes, he has.

    In both of his terms as President he has barely moved the conversation forward. He was just in Texas and he refused to even go to the boarder to see for himself what is happening. It feels as if he has been burying his head in the sand and doesn't want to see the issues. This is the time for him to step forward to accomplish real change.

  • Yep He did

    He is a lair, as you've already notices. He keeps talking but doesn't do anything. Currently he is checked out, he is on vacation while the world is in Conflict. He even said the world hasn't been safer since hes been in office. I can tell that the world was almost flawlessly safe when Bush was in his presidency.

  • The ball is in the court of Congress

    Congress has dropped the ball.

    Republicans claim it is the president's record on immigration enforcement that makes them unable to support reform. President Obama, however, has been deporting more immigrants than any president in history, nearing a record of 2 million people.

    Read more:

    The technology industry desperately needs more foreign engineers, but Congress refuses to increase the number of visas for high-tech workers without completely overhauling the entire immigration system.


    Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, who is in charge of writing the high-tech immigration reform bill in the House of Representatives, told us earlier this year that comprehensive immigration reform isn’t likely to happen until at least after the 2014 mid-term elections, because it’s too politically risky for Republicans to compromise on a bill that may have to have some path-to-citizenship provision.

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