• Obama has failed as a leader

    He has kept our country in crisis for 5 years now. He refuses to negotiate on issues with Congress. He abuses the constitution by breaking laws to suit his whims. He has filled the White house with Muslims to help him run our country. But this is kept quiet by the media. Benghazi alone was enough to impeach him. He is an angry, stubborn man who does not love our country but wants to destroy it. & it is working!

    Posted by: Jere
  • Obama Has Failed the American Middle Class Worker! Bottom Line!

    The limited amount of american jobs is decreasing, while foreign contractors are flooding our country to take Our Jobs, Our Jobs are being shipped oversees and across mexican borders, and immigrants are flooding our country far too easily to take up the rest of Our Jobs. While we stand united! We stand and watch this all happen as there is nothing we can do about it! Wake up America! I fear for my children!

  • $5,000,000,000,000 in Debt

    That is as much debt as Bush increased it in 8 years. Twice as much debt as Bush TWICE AS MUCH. OBAMA IS DOING THE SAME THING AS BUSH. We are NOT out of Iran, we do NOT have more jobs. A neutral contribution is NOT a success. I DARE someone to challenge this who has done real research.

  • Yes, Obama has failed....

    ....and we can use his own goals as a measurement of his success.
    During his first campaign he promised to create jobs, balance the budget and create energy solutions to drop the gas prices.

    The job market is worse, the defecit is trillions of dollars in debt (worse than what he inherited) and every energy company he lured to the US with tax-payer stimulous has gone out of buisness.

    Additionally, he keeps "spiking the football" with his claims that he caught Osama Bin Laden, yet the intelligence that lead to his capture was the very method that Obama is working to dissolve. This was a success of Bush-era intelligence gathering, and he took credit for it. If the public knew that water-boarding was involved in getting the information, would he still "spike the football?"

    I voted for Obama the first time, even as a republican. I really believed he would be a historic, MLK dream, radical reformer of a breaking nation.

    After four years, the nation isn't's broken.
    Romney is not going to be the best president that the world has ever seen but he will succesfully lead the nation back to it's successful roots.

  • He has failed.

    America is trillions in debt because of him. He trying to slowly have the government take over the people. America is suppose to be free. No gun laws. No stupid laws on how much soda we can have. This isn't a communist country! If you want to be controlled by the government, if you want the wealth to be distributed, then please leave America where we don't allow that. (for now anyway)

  • Wouldn't Say "Failed", but rather "Unsuccessful"

    In 2008 Obama overpromised and underdelivered. He delivered sole rhetoric and four years later it shows that indeed, he is unsuccessful. While he inherited a troubled economy, he has not done enough to fix the economy. Instead he has contributed to the Nations downfall. 50 million on foodstamps, Unemployment STILL staggering, and record deficits over 16 trillion. As of now, he is very unsuccessful, and judging that his 2012 campaign was identical to his 2008 one, I don't see his second term being any better..

  • The Planet and his shoddy leadership

    The world is just a mass suspended in vast nothingness. In the day and age we live in for such dumb stuff to be ever present like war and famine. Countries that have modernized slavery. All of the things a leader of the most powerful nation on earth has the influence to change and hes done none of it. Im a second generation American and I am ashamed when I go to Jamaica and from a third world country, people tell me the president is a wuss and a weak leader. In all the years of his presidency I have yet to see him get upset about something and take charge, I have yet to see him say I AM THE PRESIDENT AND I AM IN CHARGE. Its like he forgot we elected him to lead, And now with all this Iran Syria drama. What the hell is this man doing? Why not make the world a better place instead of trying to save everyone except the American people? Why not start here first? There is a major rift in between the government and real life. It WILL lead to a revolution. Its only a matter of time until enough people are fed up with the lies and shoddy leadership the government is doing. The power of the government is too strong. I supported Obama at first but the man has utterly fallen off and failed in his own county's terms. Mitt Romney called Detroit going bankrupt. For all the democratic jibjab that slammed Romney, the man called it spot on, the same with Russia! Ron Paul never stood a chance in election. And some of his thoughts made sense! I hate the American Government with a passion, But I LOVE MY COUNTRY. Its a shame Obama has forced the two apart. PS Legalize marijuana for PTSD veterans, since they have to fight to get the proper care with the VA system, they might as well be able to smoke a plant that comes from the ground!

  • No change.

    Obama was swept into office on lofty campaign rhetoric and he has failed to deliver. He promised change, and yet delivered an administration that seemed to combine the worst aspects of the former Clinton and Bush administrations. Had he toned down his campaign rhetoric in 2008 a bit, he could claim some moderate success. As it stands, by his own metric, he has failed miserably to provide the comprehensive change he so eagerly promised.

  • Worst President in History

    -ISIS controls Syria and Iraq after the vacuum he left behind (that's what you get for a president who spends more time golfing than he does at his security briefings...He only attends 42% of his briefings). The country is more divided than ever.
    -The middle east is much less stable with Obama as president. Egypt and Libya are in turmoil (so much for the "Arab Spring" in Egypt which ushered in a new haven for terrorists).
    - Benghazi...Nothing to see here folks.
    - IRS Scandals...Nothing to see here folks.
    - Fast and Furious Scandal...Nothing to see here folks
    - He has failed Europe pulling our short range missiles out of Poland and now Russia is knocking on the door.
    - Economy and jobs have been anemic...Unemployment has gone down because people have given up or retired early or their unemployment benefits have run out (which means they don't count as being unemployed).
    - He has not secured our borders and has reduced the regulations for foreign passage to the US so diseases like Polio, TB, and Ebola are showing up.
    - None of his failures are ever his fault.
    -Housing Market is flat
    - Our deficit is over 3 times what it was like under Bush.
    - Are we really better off than we were 6 years ago (gas was at $1.75 a gallon 6 years ago!!!). Who is in the pockets of big oil?

  • Foreign and domestically a mess.

    Obama threw away 10 years of lives sacrificed in the middle east so that he could say he ended a war. We would have been safer, with a more stable, middles east, for far less money if he would have listened to the Pentagon and left troops in Iraq.
    Benghazi, Russia, Syria, all foreign policy disasters. We are week and a joke in the eyes if the world. But even worse then that we have continually not supported our allies and that will be a big problem for many years in the future
    Biggest homeland issue is the lack of border security. Terrorist, Ebola, other diseases, and the strain on our schools and medical system can all be blamed on Obamas refusal to protect our borders and tighten the immigration system. Its disgusting how Eric holder and obama constantly disregard our laws.
    The economy continues to stall because companies will not invest in more employees until they know how much more money obama care will cost them. Taxes are too high. We are are loosing more and more of an insenrive to work because of entitlements.
    The country is divided politically, racially, and emotionally more then any other time since the civil war because obama only cares to represent those who agree with hi views and his views alone. Worst president ever.

  • Not By Historical Standards!

    When Historians judge Barack Obama, they will take everything into consideration, i.E. The Wall Street collapse, 2 wars, unemployment, etc. They will also take into consideration the antics of the GOP. When Dems had Congressional-control (111th Congress), Obama got things done. In fact, the 111th Congress passed the most legislation of ANY Congress in the 40 years prior. Then, the GOP took control of the House. Nothing gets done. Negative moves like the default attempt in 2011 and the current government shutdown only hurt America & its people. Historians see this. Average Americans see it. When blame is placed, it will fall squarely on the GOP! Obama has been a pretty efficient President, for the circumstances that he inherited. History will remember him as being effective -- NOT a failure!

  • Inherited Bush's mess

    Obama came into office inheriting Bush's mess. He has worked very hard to clean it up, and has cleaned up a good amount of it. In 2008, even if McCain got elected, he would of inherited Bush's mess. To those Obama critics, I ask you, would we of been better off with McCain? I my opinion, I say No. If he got elected, it would of been W 2.0, same goes for Romney in 2012.

  • Change takes time.

    Obama has not failed as President. Change takes time and he has worked diligently to improve the economy from the time he took office. Policies to do not net results immediately. It will take time for the policies he has put in place to change the economy's course. One major win he has already made in his first term is healthcare. That bill is a major victory for a single term!

  • Expected too much.

    Obama has not failed as President. Rather, voters expect change to happen instantaneously. Change takes time, especially in the democratic government process. Obama has spent his first term putting (or trying to put) policies in place that will help the American economy rebound, healthcare, and unemployment that plagued the US when he took office in 2009. It takes patience to see results and we are beginning to see those results now.

  • Only if you put a lot of responsibility onto him.

    If you went into the 2008 election expecting Barack Obama to be the savior of all our problems, and he was going to fix America, then you were an idiot. Given what the President has done so far, successfully bailed out the auto industry, achieved several foreign policy goals, passed Wall Street Reform, passed equal pay for women, passed Health Care reform (however controversial it may be), somewhat successfully bailed out the Federal Reserve, advocated a stimulus package (which, obviously went to be unsuccessful due to the banks gulping a lot of it to pad up their own services), and is not causing a whole lot of legitimate harm to the National Debt, I would be disgraced to use the word "fail" to describe the President's job so far.

  • Obama has not failed

    Many of his policies are somewhat ahead of his time but are good ones, and America as a country has a tendency to dislike change and while he has tried to deliver the changes he promises when he tries to everybody then kicks up a massive fuss rather than help him make the change e.g. the healthcare system he has tried to put in place. Also just because America is the most powerful country doesn't mean that they will always lead the way in terms of international politics, otherwise you might as well make that country an empire that rules over everything else. Finally the presidents of the past few decades before Obama have left everything in a right mess, particularly the middle east making the problem ten times worse than it previously was, e.g. the situation in Iraq at the moment was exactly what people feared would happen if we invaded Iraq in the first place

  • Obama has not failed us as President & has accomplished a lot in spite of fighting righty every step of the way.

    IMO all the hatred we see towards Obama is because of his Race.
    Why else would we see so much lying to make a point against Obama?
    Just look at the posts on this page at the lies.
    We see "the job market is worse" A lie he was handed a 650,000 job losses a month. He turned that around.
    The deficit is Trillions in debt, well he was handed a 10.5 trillion debt with a 1.3 trillion yearly debt. That has been reduced & Obama has added about 1.6 Trillion of the 18 Trillion total. The rest are unpaid bills from Bush.
    We have seen conservatives fighting every move Obama has tried to create jobs, increase revenue & by righty's own admission back in 2009 they said they would use Taliban tactics to ruin Obama;s plans.
    They cried about the stimulus that saved & made prosperous GM & Chrysler, while to date having earned back 12.5 billion more then it paid out.
    Not to mention ACA that will make HC available to all Americans for the first time. It no longer matters if you were born sick or became sick you can get HC.
    People just look at the Facts & forget all the lies you read or hear. It wasn't a mistake by the right when Romney was running when they said:
    " We wont let Facts dictate our Campaign"
    Without lies you cant really make a case for Obama failing this nation.
    Lets see some honest posts about what Obama has done wrong?
    I will ask this if you really do think Obama has failed, tell us why without lying then tell us what President has done a great job for America the last 50 years?

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