• Immigrating Failing Under Obama

    Immigration has failed under Obama because he has not really made any change. We still have so many illegal people coming into this country, and more already living here from jumping the fence over the years. The President has done nothing to really squash the problem, and I am hoping before the next President comes aboard that he does.

  • Yes, he has.

    Since his six years in office he has done nothing on the subject of immigration which is precisely why we are in the situation that we are presently. If there had been reform, we would know exactly what to do with these poor children and how to handle the situation. He even refused to go to the border while in Texas, he is choosing to remain intentional ignorant.

  • Its not failing to reform, its failing to enforce current laws

    Simply put, Obama is not enforcing what's on the books, and has dedicated resources to keep them here (providing lawyers, block attempts to prevent them from tax funded healthcare, education, air fare to go further into the US, along with instructing our enforcement agencies to now protect and care for them instead of securing our borders).

    People aren't dumb, they can recognize an incentive and lower enforcement when present. Nothing new has happened in Central America for a while for any event based explanation for the surge, the recent influx is entirely driven based on the fact that they know Obama will not deport them and we are taking them in (hence they turn themselves in a bold manner now).

    Obama's form of "reform" is another large dose of mass legalization for the illegals, which would be our 3rd wave of doing so, last one occurring under Reagan.

    Comprehensive illegal immigration reform would work to enforce the border to a reasonable level, punish businesses who hire illegals, and most importantly prevent illegals from draining welfare / social spending to any large degree.

    This isn't what is being proposed/advocated by Obama, hence he isn't failing any reforms because he isn't chasing any (continuing with the old methods). What he is failing at is choosing which laws to enforce, and hes justification for it is by now calling this 60 year trend a "humanitarian crisis".

  • He hasn't failed

    I love this GOP tactic. Block all of the bills to create any type of reform that is a win-win. Obama proposed a bill to create a pathway for the current illegal citizens but to also increase the border security. It is a win-win and a lose-lose for both parties; everybody would get something they wanted but not entirely. But nooo, republicans are holding it hostage, again. And whenever he tries to go around the polarizing congress because the republicans will just block his bill anyway, he tries to use executive order and republicans scream 'Obama is abusing the executive orders!' Listen, you can't be the big bad wolf, and cry that obama is the big bad wolf.

  • He can't do it alone

    President Obama promised to work on immigration reform, but our goverment was created to have three branches. Often, the executive branch needs more than the President to get stuff done. Given that the Party of NO has refused to work with the President on many many many occasions, it's not his fault that immigration reform hasn't happened.

  • No Mr. Obama has not failed to "reform" the immigration system.

    The enactment of laws is the responsibility of the Congress of the United States. The Congress bears the burden for the lack of immigration reform because they refuse to consider any of the immigration bills presented since it is an election year. They are afraid to take any action on an immigration because no matter what happens some voter will be offended.

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