Has Obama gone too far with his unconstitutional lies?

Asked by: radicaldreamer
  • Isn't the answer obvious

    He should just stop you know and quit I don't even want to go in detail for this one cause it will be a mile and a half long really just no and I don't understand why those so called "AMERICANS" still vote for him. This is why he still sits in that racist white house hell black is better you racist people.

  • I'll say yes to this one and ask one of my own~

    Should Obama stop beating his wife? ROFL. EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT DEBATE DOT ORG INTODUCES THE PUSH POLL. ROFL. Any lefty that answers this one is screwed from the start. What are they going to say, AH NO NO, I THINK THE JERK OUGHTA GO EVEN FATHER WITH HIS DAMNEDABLE DISHONESTY. LMAO

  • Don't get me started

    Of course he has! I speak for the "rich" when I say he takes all our money. He gives it to the less four tante, and that's good he TRY'S to help. I am very grateful for all that I have don't get me wrong, but if people just sit around on their butts living off the government, what good does that do us? I'm not saying all people do that but the ones who do are costing my parents to give them 30% of their annual earnings. 30%!!!!!!

  • He violated the constitution,

    Not only once, but multiple times. VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION. People can be accused of treason for such atrocities. And there is no one who can say he has faithfully "upheld the constitution" in their right mind. Look at the facts. These words may sound harsh, but if only people researched before claiming things, this world would be a little cleaner . . .

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JonathanDJ says2014-01-05T08:57:12.980
Radicaldreamer God bless you son, I got a good five minute laugh out of this.