• a little good

    I think that he has done all that he could to try and help out the people of America that own a home. I think that he is trying to get a lot of good programs going that will help the people with buying and selling homes here in America.

  • Why Should He Care?

    He has a cushy job, he's either on the golf course or on vacation, he can do no wrong in the eyes of the media, and after the presidency, he'll go to a cushy new life. The American workforce has diminished considerably because employers have cut work hours due to "Obummercare". Food stamps, welfare checks and free/subsidized housing keeps people from seeking home ownership. He has profited considerably off the backs of working Americans and he could give a flying fig less about America once he passes the torch to Hillary. Yes, she'll slide right in to his warm chair with Slick Willie by her side and once again, they'll rule the White House. Put your head between your legs and kiss it goodbye, folks. The fat lady has sung and the wicked witch of the west and her flying monkeys are taking over......Again.

  • Can't pay without a job.

    Obama has hindered the homeowners of America, because a person cannot pay their mortgage if they do not have a job. Obama does not want the people to have jobs, because he has crafted Obamacare in a way that cuts all of our jobs back to 28 hours each week. We can no longer afford houses.

  • Bad economy hurts homeowners.

    The biggest obstacle to home ownership, is a family or individuals personal economic growth. The Great Recession has in many ways set a percentage of an entire generation backwards, because of the difficulty in procuring a job, or starting a career. With a record number of individuals on food stamps, and people no longer participating in the job force, long term home ownership will continue to suffer, until long term economic growth begins to take root once again into the economy. Until this happens America is going to continue to witness a second lost generation struggle with economic matters.

    In such a time the government has done little to grow the economy, and has instead relied on simple welfare distribution.

  • No, Obama has hindered the homeowners of America.

    None of Obama's policies have helped to easen the strife that homeowners in America face today in terms of trying to better their situations and help pay their mortgages. Obama is more concerned with helping those who do not have jobs and those who abuse the welfare system of America.

  • He has hindered millions.

    Obama has not done a lot of good to he economy, especially to the real estate market today. His approval rating is so low in part because millions are without a job, and in most cases also without a home. The homeowners of America have no reason to feel helped.

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