• Every person deserves healthcare

    Yes, I believe that President Obama has made health care better. I say that it's better because some that never had health care can afford it now. I believe that everyone should have health care even if they do not have a job that can provide it. We are behind the time in this area, other countries have provided their citizens with Heath care for decades.

  • Healthcare top priority

    President Obama has done a great job of pushing for strong healthcare for middle class and poor people. He strongly believes that every individual should be covered and have a right to be protected from a safe perspective. Not many people can fit the cost of medical bills these days and healthcare by Obama has helped with that.

  • A good thing

    I think that he did a lot of good for the health care system, and that it will all end up working really good, and the people that had been against it will end up being the ones who like it the most and love it later on when they are helped.

  • Obama has made things worse

    Obama has definitely made healthcare worse by forcing people to buy health insurance even if they did not want to. They have also forced some doctors into retirement and there will be a doctor shortage which will lead to longer waiting times. The cost of healthcare is also going up for people that do pay.

  • Will Be Worse

    I believe at the beginning here we will see a case where health care will be adversely affected by the ACA. In some areas far more people will have obtained insurance and they will now start utilizing health care services where they hadn't before. Initially I think we'll see a shortage of providers and it will take awhile to recruit a proper staff.

  • Worse raised my premiums

    He has raises my premiums and all my co-workers. Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare all he did was create another insuramce company that costs 100 times more and 100 times less efficient than our already broken system. He created an illegal tax. If its such a great systems why doesnt he or all senators and congress get on it?

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