• A Strong Arm Finally

    In the first few years of his presidency, Obama let the Republican controlled Hill bully him around and pull the most insane carnival tricks on the Senate floor. It has been the opposite recently, when the President put his foot down around the shut down, and said he would not give in to their insane tactics any more.

  • Very Much So

    If anything I feel like Obama has used more force and power than other Democrats in his position. One need only look back to Jimmy Carter to see what kind of position Obama would be in if he wasn't forceful. I believe he has shown very strong leadership skills and I think he's handled the Republican very gracefully given their dangerous and self-serving tactics.

  • No, not really.

    To say he showed leadership skills at all would be a gross overstatement. We elected a guy whose main ticket was platitudes about change from a mostly workable status quo and race. Seems legit.
    Of course, his idea of leadership skills so far has been to watch as they deadlock his ideas, then dish out something they can't cancel out that steps on their toes in the process in the form of an Executive Order.
    As anyone who even looked at a leadership handbook can tell you, that is just saying "I'm going to do what I want anyway, and you can't do a thing about it." Seems legit.

  • He has shown average leadership

    No, I would not consider his leadership in dealing with Republicans in Congress strong. He seems to be more compromising on most issues when I thought he should have stood his ground. I do, however, think that he took a strong stand on implement the health care bill regardless of all the issues that accompanied it.

  • Not strong at all

    No he has not shown strong leadership skills in really anything that he does. He starts off strong but then he waivers and eventually he either folds or changes his position. He does not back anything fully anymore. His administration has been flaky on this kind of stuff for most of his second term. I feel like this is due to the fact that a lot of his legislation has not gone over well

  • No, Obama has not shown great leadership in dealing with the Republicans in Congress.

    Obama has not been a great leader overall. In terms of how he has been dealing with the Republicans in Congress, I think he has shown anything but leadership. A lot of Democrats are disappointed in the way he has conducted himself when dealing with other opposing groups of politicians.

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