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  • No, Obama has weakened nothing.

    He hasn't weakened the United States. In many ways he has strengthened it. The economy is doing well. Some poor people are getting health insurance for the first time in their lives. With his endorsement, DOMA was struck down and LGBT people are getting new rights Federally, and has opened doors for law suits that will let more and more people have the same rights as everyone else.

  • No, President Obama Has Strengthened the US with Innovations in Healthcare and Diplomacy

    President Obama has strengthened the United States. We have more friends
    abroad now. Our economy is recovering. Soon we will have a more equitable
    health care system, like the ones shared by industrialized countries around the
    world. We still have far to go, but our country will be stronger because it is
    becoming healthier, more prosperous and more well liked around the world.

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