• I don't know about "wonderful", but he's had an impact

    Generally, his actions have been positive for the nation's economic position, but after Bush, Obama could have basically burned the eastern seaboard and still have been better at economic policy.

    It's very difficult to view the Obama Presidency in a bubble. Compared to Bush he is a godsend, but he's not my ideal president, for certain. He's far to weak on the financial industry and their corruption.

  • Yes,I think the presedent has done a wonderful job with creating jobs.

    Yes,I think the president has done a wonderful job with creating jobs. The administration has been making steady progress with everything it has done since 2009. I think the president has pushed down the unemployment by passing good bills and helping small business. I love the job Mr presented has done.

  • No, Obama has not helped

    I feel that as someone who voted for Obama, that he has done nothing to help the job market. I feel he has just been floating along and can not think of anything that he implicated that helped the current situation. I do not know what he has accomplished as far as new jobs because to me there has been very few.

  • No, Obama Has Made No Change To My Job Market

    No, Obama has done little to effect the industry that I work in. Like many Americans I had a great deal of ambition during the first few years of Obama’s term but after so many broken promises those
    ambitions became pretty much non-existent. I have been working in office administration and since he was elected nothing has changed as far as more or less job opportunities. As far as my wages are concerned his presidency had done nothing to change my income.

  • Our job markets haven't changed during President Obama's presidency

    The jobs that people are claiming to be found during President Obama's presidency might not be so real after all. In my opinion, there are more people out of work now than in times before. Yes, the job markets seem to be flourishing on paper, but we must ask if it is real. Factors for this data has changed. Including people who can't find jobs after a short period of time are no longer counted. There are so many people without work that it is hard to believe the presidency has made an impact.

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