Has Obama's stimulus plan produced positive effects on the economy?

  • He rules the office.

    Obama is helping us out of all the crap Bush pushed us into. Stop hating on him because he's black. I love Obama. There's no reason to dislike him. He is doing the best he can as our President. I think he is exactly what we need. Sure he isn't the best president, but he still is awesome.

  • Obama.

    Obama is the peoples president. That is what I believe this country needs more than anything. He stands behind the rights and equality of all people in this amazing country, Why would we vote someone in who doesn't believe in the dreams of all American people? I can understand if someone doesn't agree with who someone else chooses to love, but that is what this country was built on. We came here to avoid being caged and told what to believe, yet we would vote someone into office who has publicly stated he is against the American dream. To say that someone doesn't deserve right cause of who they love is spitting in the face of the American dream.

  • Yes, I believe President Obama's stimulus plan is effective.

    The national unemployment rate is starting to lower, and most people are out spending. The sure fire way to tell is the economy is picking up is by looking at the sales of nonessential goods. With the sale of cars and houses slowly picking up, I believe the stimulus place has been effective.

    Posted by: Ch4ddMc
  • Definitely.

    The Stimulus stabilized the economic free fall rather hastily, saving certain industries from being in much worse positions than they would have been were it not for Obama's recovery act. Also, people expected the economy to suddenly recover fully, which is completely wrong. The downturn was caused by lack of regulation under the Bush Administration, and also had little to do with any national debt that existed before it happened. Economic recessions like these generally take 5-10 years to recover, looking at the history of economic recessions since 1950. Additionally, a 4-year term of limited power over the economy, especially when the other party gets in the way just to get in the way, (presidential office) is not enough time or arbitrary power to make monumental differences. Unemployment has gone down. Also, the well-justified fear in 08 and 09 that the then-current downturn would have a cascade effect and cause many more economic downturns in different sectors of the economy in years to come has not been realized.

  • Overall, Yes

    The ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) has not turned out the way Obama has wanted it. But it has kept America from further recession. It increase our GDP from -4% from when the bill was passed up about 6-8%. Jobs lost have slowly been outnumbered by jobs created. But most people would have you believe it didn't work because they expected immediate fixes to the economy. The ARRA did fix the economy but not enough to satisfy the needs of the greedy people who expect the Government to take care of all their needs. The stimulus plan has worked! It has put many Americans back to work and if we want to be at prominence again we must continue to help each other and ourselves wiith the Economy. Obama can only do so much. Congress, even though they hardly do so anything, can do so much. It will take every American citizen to bring this country back to a brighter day.

  • Well, yes, because I am not living in a hobo camp, and things seem to be getting better.

    In my experience, it is easier to get a job now than it was a couple years ago. Also, what I have seen on the news channels seems to agree with me. I have also heard that economists have said things are getting better, thanks to the plan. Not to mention, I kind of like the guy.

    Posted by: OverconfidentDorsey63
  • Obama's stimulus plan has had a positive effect on the economy.

    While Obama's stimulus plan may not have had as great as an effect as he had hoped, it did have a positive outcome on the economy. The unemployment rate has not gone up and has even decreased by a small percent. Fewer people are going into foreclosure and the housing market is looking up. Less and less businesses are going bankrupt and people generally seem to be in better financial standing.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • The stock market is much higher since the stimulus, and while that is nothing but experts' best guesses on where the economy is heading, it is still positive.

    To begin with, we were in desperate straits when Obama had to take action. At that point, some major corporations were reeling. Whatever got us to that point became irrelevant when you are in a "too big to fail" situation. Since then, most of the companies that were bailed out have paid the government back, and the whole economy is more solvent.

    Posted by: tabundes
  • Yes, Obama's stimulus plan has produced positive effects for the economy by decreasing job loss.

    The greatest example of how Obama's stimulus plan has positively effected the economy is the decrease in job loss, and the increase in total jobs available. Though the deficit has increased since the stimulus plan went into action, the long term benefits of increasing the amount of jobs available is substantial for our economy. When Americans are working, they are earning money and they are spending that money. The spending of money and profit flow into businesses is exactly what the economy needs to recover from this recession. Obama's push for funding these businesses, and allowing them to pick up their feet and hire more workers, is exactly what we need for our economy to thrive again.

    Posted by: TeenzAlw
  • were in a bad place but it would have been worse without

    I believe that Obama is in a hard situation. Due to the influence of repulican policy in the past we have lost much and it was getting worse daily. his policies have slowed down the crash and in some cases reversed it. The sad part is people expected an over night cure and when it did not happen they blamed him. This economy did not happen over night and will take years to recover from but it could have been a whole lot worse.

  • The President is WRONG!

    The only reason that President Obama got elected in the first place is because he supports the people that decide to lay around for a living. Most people work hard and deserve to be paid. Instead, we have higher welfare rates than ever! It's wrong on so many levels. America is becoming a country of laziness.

  • What a stupid Idea

    I will deal specifically with the auto industry bailouts in this paragraph. We have GM and Chrysler, which have huge unions. These labor unions (coincidentally, a major campaign contributor to guess who) demand huge wages for simple manufacturing jobs, as well as unsustainable pensions, retirement benefits, etc. This is the reason for the collapse of the companies. Instead of giving the companies a chance to go through bankruptcy and renegotiate contracts to a sustainable level to allow long-term growth, Obama gave his political allies money that could be used by the private sector to build our economy again and produce products without wasting money. However, this was a good move by Obama because it told the U.S.'s unions that to get a bailout, you just need to fund the Democratic Party Candidate. If anyone believes that bailouts work, take a look a Solyndra. Don't get me wrong, TARP and the Republicans have their own problems, though.

    Now we come to the "too big to fail" banks. These large banks start losing money, and government has to step in and say "We're here to help by taking away from the economy and giving to you, while still keeping interest rates low so that you fail again." What are the consequences? According to Stossel on Fox Business, companies that got bailed out get better accounts because customers reason that they will just be bailed out if things go wrong. Therefore, small banks get crushed because the government gave them a competitive disadvantage. Ironically, these "too big to fail" banks will fail again because they aren't well-managed and government is artificially keeping interest rates low. However, the government is keeping other banks from replacing these monster risk-takers with banks that are currently small by bailing out large banks. This is the reason why government fails; it always funds the problem instead of the solution.

  • Govenrment stimulus and regulation is destroying capitalism

    The stimulus was great for Solyndra! However, unemployment has not declined and pathetic job creation of 150,000 per month has been embraced as GREAT and the new normal!

    Watch out. This is very bad news. The pig is being dressed up and we will all suffer. Taxes are increasing and those that can pay college bills are subsidizing the very people that hate the middle class and beyond but reap the benefits of no tuition, no taxes, subsidized everything.

  • Mostly just a face

    The president is mostly just a face. It's Congress who runs everything. Obama has done good things and bad. But I still think he's a terrorist and full of it. I think it's a little bit bad what he has done to life insurance.and good with the G.I bill. I just wonder how bad it will get. I hope I'm Wrong I think that in 2015 something big is going to happen good or bad.

  • The people who have said Yes ask yourself this

    The Stimulus was 787 Billion dollars, according to Obama himself passing this bill would prevent unemployment from reaching 8%, so why was the unemployment at 8.9% he also claimed unemployment would reach 6% now if you include the people who gave up Job searching, then yea we might hit that number, but 50% of college grad students can't find Jobs. Now i will praise Obama for his attempt to go green, I'm annoyed with how much Debt were in, but he kinda tried to save our investment, so that was his good intention, but we all know were good intentions lead, on that note Look at the answers for the people who have said Yes, most of them don't even include fax.

  • Absolutely Not

    Stimulus checks were mostly spent on paying off bills owed or it was a little extra money for a few things. It did not stimulate the economy and it looks like the people voting yes are not even answering the correct question. People getting $400 or $500 does not create a job. It also doesn't help a small business.

  • There's no improvement in the economy from the stimulus package, because there's no money to spend.

    The purpose of the economic stimulus package was to encourage consumer spending. It has not worked. The country is much worse off than it was when Obama took office. There have been no improvements in the economy from the stimulus plan. People can't spend money when they are out of work and have no money to spend. The future looks bleak.

    Posted by: GiftedOdell31
  • Obama's stimulus plan has not produced positive effects on the economy, because it was wasteful.

    Obama's stimulus plan has not produced positive effects on the economy, because it was crony capitalism. In Michigan, a large amount of stimulus money went to DOT, which used the money to install freeway mile marker signs every 0.2 miles to supplement the already existing mile marker signs every 1.0 miles. The DOT workers were union members who supported Obama. The Solyndra Scandal is another example of the stimulus gone wrong.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Unemployment is still near 10%, so it is obviously not working.

    Most people, even the economic experts, will agree that our economy is still in deep trouble. In spite of Obama's stimulus program, it basically had no lasting effect on the economy. There is still a high unemployment rate, big businesses are not expanding, and many small businesses continue to go under at an alarming rate.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • I think that the stimulus plan is more of a facade to make people believe that change has happened.

    Although I'm a huge supporter of Obama, I do not think that his stimulus plan has affected the economy at all. Typically stimulus plans are used to put the masses at ease during a time of economic crisis. Their actual impact on the economy is little to none. It is a noble gesture, but it is kind of pointless.

    Posted by: MuteNeal88

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