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  • No Operation Blunt Two have not been a waste of police resources.

    Operation Blunt Two a campaign of the London police intended to reduce knife crime in the city has proven to a productive use of police resource. The annual crime reports show that knife crime in the city has been reduced by 11.5%, with a 30% drop in major stabbing injuries during the same time frame. There were more than 5,400 knives seized during the campaign.

  • Has shown improvement.

    The Operation Blunt Two was a way for London police to try to reduce knife crime. It seemed to not be a waste because knife crime did decrease since the implementation of the operation. I think there are some problems with thinking about if it's okay to stop and frisk kids though.

  • No, I don't think so.

    Operation Blunt Two has been a debacle by the metropolitan police and has largely failed. Not only has it failed, but they look like a bunch of fools and this "project" has cost way too much money and resources, and way too many man hours. It was definitely not a success in any way.

  • The endeavor is useful and successful.

    Operation Blunt Two has not been a waste. This is because it is an actual endeavor to reduce crime in the population. Maybe it could use some tweaks, but the basis of the operation is noble. Seeking to reduce knife crime is a very valuable endeavor. I think the operation should continue.

  • Statistics Say No

    I do not believe Operation Blunt Two has been a waste. The initiative was launched to combat knife crimes and those statistics have dropped. I believe the policy also increased police awareness and made authority more visible to the public which usually leads to less crime. Many say statistics are misleading, but that doesn't change the fact that they are a somewhat accurate form of measurement.

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