Has outsourcing of jobs left less jobs for American citizens?

  • Yes it has.

    American citizens are constantly losing more and more jobs each day. Outsourcing of jobs is one of the main reasons for this. We need to start creating jobs for the people and help them get back on their feet and start earning again. Otherwise the economy will just continue to decline.

  • Outsourcing of jobs has left fewer jobs for American citizens.

    Obviously, sending jobs overseas has left fewer jobs for Americans at home. The government should take measure to help protect American workers and to help prevent more jobs from going overseas. This will lower the unemployment rate and it will make the quality of life a lot higher for Americans.

  • I would have thought so too!

    It is interesting but just before I was about to vote a resounding "yes!" on this issue I took some time to look at the unemployment rate in the USA. As it turns out in 2008 the unemployment rate was at almost the same place as it was in the 1970's when outsourcing first began in earnest (the reason that this changed was because of the recession which was cause by the housing bubble busting, not outsourcing). It is really quite interesting on how this debate ended up changing my opinion on this major topic in modern day America!

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