Has Political Correctness accomplished more good than evil?

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  • Political correctness doesn't accomplish much good in the first place.

    It is your choice whether to be offended or not. If you choose to take offense, good for you, but just because you disagree with someone's opinion doesn't mean they should catch hell for it. In addition, political correctness has become a form of self-censure, as it only takes one offended person to ruin the so-called "bigot's" life, whether by complaining to the company and making them fire the person, or exposing the "insensitivity" to the media and being lauded a hero for it. Lastly, PC fails to address the actual underlying issues that cause prejudice in the first place. Socially pressuring everyone to censor themselves isn't helping at all, and all it has done is give weapons for social activists to use against people who don't use absolutely politically correct terminology. At the end of the day, the First Amendment protects one's right to free speech, not "Freedom of speech... Unless someone gets offended by it."

  • It has allowed evil

    Political correctness is responsible in part for the shooting at fort hood and the bombing in Boston amongst many other issues. Because of political correctness no one can truly tell the truth about anything anymore because you might upset someone who doesn't believe what you do. The TSA is searching old ladies in wheel chairs because if they searched legitimate threats they would be racist etc. Sometimes the truth hurts, but if you tell the truth and you come to a debate based on truth we are all better off. Get rid of political correctness.

  • It has been a pursuit that has accomplished worsening results

    All that I can reckon it has done is create more options for people to consider offense being taken, and provided a legal impetus for offense to be taken to an extereme. Just look at the fact that ten years ago, frivolous lawsuits were actually considered to be a category for income. How sad it has continued despite all the division that has resulted

  • What is politically correct

    Boundaries - All politically correctness does is change the boundary lines and use peer pressure to get people to line up according to who screams the loudest or has the most clout. If we focused on being respectful of others, and allow everyone to be free, boundaries could become a bit looser. The problem is we love boundaries, it is how we minimize risk, keep others at bay, and it is the best tool around for judging others against our standard. Peer pressure is the best way to curtail freedom. It has been used since the beginning of time to control the masses.

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