• Political Correctness is awfull.

    It makes impossible the public debate of ideas. If you have any position contrary to leftist agenda, you are automatically classified as sexist, facist, homophobic, racist and so on. The only speech acceptable is the same progressist opinion, diverse opinions are not tolerated by the ones that defend the so called diversity . The world is not fair. Justice is not the same as equality. It is right to give equal condition for all, but at the end some will be sucessfull, other not.

  • Yes, Political correctness has gone too far.

    When I hear about free speech zones on I am the one who gets triggered. THere cannot be little pockets of free speech, it has to be universal. When people get "triggered" it tells me that they are not used to hearing other people's opinion, but because it's not theirs it is wrong. Labels have become a huge part of today's society on both sides. From now on every Rebublican is racist and every Democrat is insane. If society continues to put feelings before facts then we will end up with a world who will live in a world ( if we don't already) where we might not get all of the facts because it might offend people. I am all for hearing each side of the story and I respect your views, but you need to respect ours. Phil Roberstson was fired because he expressed his opinion. How is this possible in the land of free speech? I have been called racist, misogynistic, and many other things all because I am a white male. How in the world is that politically correct? The people fighting for political correctness can't even follow their own rules. I get that we need to respect each other, but we can't limit others rights because we don't like what they're saying.

  • Freedom Of Speech

    There's this great thing in the united states called... FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We all just need to stop sitting around the house being lazy doody heads and stop watching the news waiting for someone to screw up and sit around waiting for someone to say something or planning the next riot. Just get off your lazy "donkey" and go do something with your life.

  • It definitely has

    Political correctness has so far as to poison most universities making them less of the places of learning and more of the safe space minefield where if a straight white male can´t have an opinion of their own without being called racist, sexist, homophobic, or trans phobic.

    As well as killing universities it has also gives people who are ¨not privileged¨, meaning those of a minority group, are women, or are homosexuals, get a free pass to hate on the straight white males who have all the ¨privilege¨. Even if the man is homeless and the opposition is a spoiled hair dyed demi-woman who is of color who barely needs to lift a finger their whole life

  • Political correctness Equals Tyranny

    What was originally designed to prevent certain groups from being offended has turned into a witch hunt. If an individual is in good standing in the community doesn't break any rules till the day they say something a majority claim was offensive they are at risk to losing everything they worked hard for their jobs, family, friends, etc. they also have no problem throwing out words like Racists, Sexists, homophobic, or even islamophobic because anyone person said something they didn't like.

    Anyone remember the ban bossy campaign? High profile women trying to censor people from using the word bossy. Or people who don't find Amy Schemer funny or the all female cast of ghostbusters as sexists when they have no proof it's because they are female. Amy's stand up routine is bland at best and taking jokes and repacking them as her own then when called out on it throws out sexism as the reason critics are calling her out for it.

    Political Correctness is Tyranny at its worst

  • It has indeed gone too far

    We in the western societies have always had our differences but not to the point where normal people start acting like people should hold their tongues for fear of being offended. Nowadays we have to basically walk on eggshells because no matter what is said its taken out of context.

    We can't interact with others from different parts of the world without fear of being branded racists, sexist, homophobic or even islamophobic serious words being thrown with careless ease towards others we deemed politically incorrect. A lot of the time the accusations are baseless but effective enough to cause someone to lose everything they worked hard for Career, Family, Friends, etc gone in an instant because someone was offended by something they said.

    The act of political correctness is an act of tyranny.

  • The idiots have taken over the asylum

    Islamophobia, whatever that is, cannot be defined. Homophobia is a redundant psychiatric term meaning fear of BECOMING homosexual.
    There's no hatred here just disapproval. That's not hatred. The feminazis and PC leftwing marxists are ALLODOXAPHOBES - pathological haters and intolerant of differing opinions, and ELEUTHERPHOBES - pathological haters of freedom.

  • America is a pathetic joke

    PC has made America a joke. Bigot does not mean anything. It's a French surname (Bee-go) derived from the Norman dialect of Norse. The Norman expression is Bi Gott (By God), and were known as Bigots. Get a life you PCers. Did you hear about Harvard's PC rules? They're pathetic.

  • Political correctness pundits are gutless

    Many things in life offend. Tough! Grow up and don't be a spineless coward. I'm French but born in Mississippi. Sure as hell I'm a redneck frog and I couldn't give a damn if people think so. I'm not a snowflake cry baby. Get a life pathetic PC liberal trash!

  • When hurt feeling rule.

    Yes we should teach people to be respectful....But when we start having to worry about if we hurt someone's feeling even when we KNOW we meant no harm, then it has gone too far. People need to learn how to deal with their own feelings and why they feel that way...More of a self esteem issue.

  • Yes and NO, please see following argument in support of re-education and the consequences of top-down terminological enforcement

    The opinion that "women are annoying," has held women back for multiple generations. The statement is rooted in previous statements made on what were conventionally upheld as empirically correct. The idea that women are irrational, emotional, and now angry has long been an avenue to oppress women, their ideas, and their self-actualization. However I agree that PC terminology is a step forward. This forum is essentially a debate on an ongoing debate. Terminology evolves depending on what some minorities want to be called based on recent re-education. Of course most of this re-education can only be accessed in higher education institutions and in liberal bubbles, I agree with many of the "anti-PC" forum writers in that we need to educate before we retaliate. Terminology changes rapidly, and does not broadcast nationally. Rural farming communities in the middle of the country do not generally have schedules that fit daily re-education, nor do they have access via outreach platforms. To truly understand politically correct terminology and why it is being used today, the general public needs to be educated on why it is being used or replacing old terminology. For instance telling someone that is attracted to the same sex that they are "queer" when that person was in a movement where he/she fought to embrace the word "gay," and getting annoyed at them when they argue back is obviously wrong in more than one way. You cannot create change from the top-down, and although minorities see the change in terminology as a grassroots fight from the bottom-up, many feel that it is being forced upon them, including the minorities that they seek to represent.

    Posted by: zwgh
  • Anti-PC are cry-babies

    The arguments for why its gone too far basically boil down to "I don't want to have to change anything that I do/say no matter how it makes someone feel." Being PC isn't just you can't say anything mean, or you can't have an opinion. It is to prevent people from spewing opinions that are harmful to the person/group they are remarking on. Not every unmannered comment equals anti-PC, you guys have a lot of stuff twisted. For example, take the statement "women are annoying"; this is a rude statement but it isn't anti-pc. It is a matter of opinion, although it is ignorant and a broad generalization, and likely denotes a sexist mentality, it isn't anti-PC. Something is anti-PC if the term/action currently or has in the past negatively influenced the standard of living. The fact that some people think women are annoying hasn't specifically held women back throughout the past. However, a statement that reinforces a negative stereotype such as "women can't handle ______ like men can", associates with the idea that women are inferior to men, and supports the oppressive system. It matters if we say that women are incapable/stupid because throughout history women have had limited entry to core jobs (medical, science, math-based), because of the negative stereotype that women can't do what men can. If the generalization is meaningless, it's rude of you to make it but you're entitled to that opinion. If the generalization/statement supports a belief system that is harmful to someone, then you shouldn't be saying it all. If you say something that you think is fine, but someone says its offensive, then research why they said its offensive. For example, I saw an anti-PC complain that they cant use the word "crazy". Instead of just complaining that you have to find a new word and you don't feel like it, research the history of the word crazy. People were demonized and shut out of society, treated very badly for having lower intelligence or mental disorders. To keep using the word 'crazy' which was used as a slur to those people, is adding salt to the wounds. Just find a different word that isn't a slur. There are millions of words, so find one that means the same and wasn't used as slur. Don't sit there cry babying trying to defend your right to be rude. You don't just go into church saying the F word or whatever you want to say, you clean up your language. So let that be true in all cases, if you've been asked not to say/do something then figure out why. It shouldn't be such a big deal to you that you have to clean up your act and treat people with respect.

  • Why would it?

    The political correctness should be used in conversation to prevent people from stepping on others toes in a conversation with a stranger who you don't know. Even with friends political correctness keeps people from getting hurt feelings over an ideal that was said in a nonpolitically way. Boom bang just for the words

  • Way too far

    Yes it has gone too far. It used to be about not calling a black person a slur, or something along that nature, but now there's a list of words deemed inappropriate. Example? If you say, "that's crazy" the SJWs flip their shit because the word crazy is an abelist slur. Same with the word insane, or gay. You can't even insult a minority if they deserve it. Lets say a black man takes a hammer to your car. If you call him a fucking asshole (especially if you're white) it's racist. The concept of white privilege and the idea that only white people can be racist (look it up. They really do believe this. Its just an excuse for minorities to be racist and not get called out on it) have directly come from the PC crowd. Enough is enough.

  • Nope it has not.


    Many areas where political correctness and perhaps hyper-sensitivity can be seen started as valid issues that had been ignored far too long: discrimination or prejudice based on race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, concerns about the environment, health issues, etc.
    Overzealousness to make people aware of the issue can backfire. Some people feel a need to judge others and police their speech and behavior. This naturally raises the ire of those being judged or policed.

    So.... Nope.

  • Article source : https://womenagainstfeminism. Com/3-reasons-why-women-should-not-vote/

    The #WhyWomenShouldNotVote hashtag started as sort of a joke. I knew that feminists would show up, Scream abuse, Offer no arguments, Then run away crying, Because, Well, That’s kind of what feminists do on Twitter. The tag was meant to spark a conversation about the differences in how men and women vote, And differences in voting priorities and preferences between the genders. I’m hardly the only person in the world to be interested in these differences: researchers noted that in the 1996 election, Had only men voted, Robert Dole would have won the election by 31 states. Instead, Bill Clinton won. By 31 states.

  • At least not on this website

    Unlike Sodahead, this site doesn't have people whos opinions are so up their a-- it's actually funny. On Sodahead people with majority views have such ego problems that they can't accept another person's views. It's the 51% over the 49% there. And I'm not the only one. A tomboy friend of mine was so cool, that she said it was a -amn shame I was banned.

  • No, the concept of political correctness has not gone too far.

    The concept of Political Correctness (PC) has not gone too far in today's society. As a community we should target our language, ideas, or governmental and social policies to address perceived or actual acts of discrimination (and alienation) towards the members of our community that are politically, socially or economically disadvantaged.

  • No It Hasn't

    I believe political correctness is more about being polite than anything and I don't think we can say it's been carried too far. I believe people need to be a bit more weary about how the word things because sometimes people can take things the wrong way. It doesn't hurt to try and look at things from other people's perspectives.

  • I don't see it

    For as much as folks want to rant about PC being a threat to free speech I personally feel these same people get way too hung up on it. Free speech entails freedom to association, it means that folks really don't owe it to anyone to listen. I see far to many people acting as if not allowing their positions to be challenged somehow goes against free speech. Is it dumb? Yeah, it's super dumb but so what. I see far too often fringe or isolated case being made out to be the end of the world when it's just some college kid who is probably being too aggressive in policing other people's speech. Is this dumb? Yes it is but to me this is ironically free speech as well. I mean how is PC not actually a different side of the same coin?

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