• This is a pretty interesting topic but im really sad to see the arguments on both sides

    I'll start with the 1 person who voted yes. He does have some fair points such as you can't make jokes in public about black people but it's perfectly to do it towards white people without being written off as a nazi. You can't really criticize the lgbt community without being labeled as nazi. (I mean people we're worried about criticizing the people transitioning children at such a young age because they'd get written off as homophobic nazis) even though it is a valid criticism.

    Or the time children we're in naked lgbt parades people we're afraid to criticize them because of political correctness. So there I do see some corruption in political correctness that being said the other side does have a point to freedom to critisize. However i will say if you want them to just "take the criticism". . . . Then so do the lgbt people who disagree with them. Either everyone takes criticism or no one takes it. I feel like we can listen to each other and not label anyone as insane right wingers or radical democrats and we can have a discussion and come to middle ground here.

    As fat as the guy who said "Stop exaggerating man"
    You just resorted to complete strawmans kind of proving the other guys points and a lot of them just don't make sense and don't even have anything to do with political correctness.

    Btw as far as alex jones not to defend him but he cleared up all that pizzagate stuff in the joe rogan podcast. Maybe you're the one who needs to do more research about people before throwing out a bunch of accusations and making false statements. Just some friendly advice :)

  • Of freaking course it is

    You can’t have an opinion on anything without everyone totally judging you for it. You can’t support trump without being labeled, Right wing extremist, Racist, Nazi, You can’t take a stand against socialism or you just get shut down with “you don’t know what socialism is”. You have to support the lgbt community and if you don’t youre automatically a homophobe even if you have LITERALLY NO SIDE IN IT. You can only make racist jokes towards white people. There’s no freedom of speech anymore and this is why sites like 4chan exists!

  • Love the victim complex, Snowflake.

    Seriously, People do not understand freedom of speech not meaning freedom from consequences. If you get called a name or get shut down, It's freedom of speech, You just need to learn how to handle it. If trying to be a decent human being makes you uncomfortable because people will call you for being an ahole, That's on you. If being called a "nazi" is the worst thing that happens to you because you say something stupid or insensitive, You have it really good. Many people, Socialists, LGBTQ+ and ethnic minorities have it way worse, With speech being limited or not being considered for other reasons. You have it easy, My man. Grow up.

  • Stop exaggerating man

    You are still breathing aren't you? You head is attached to your body?
    Are you in Jail? Have you had all of your property confiscated and taken? Are you forced to live in a Ghetto and expected to provide free labor? Are you denied benefits and services?
    I will tell you how you are. You are a heavily sheltered boy between the ages of 16-28 year.
    You think that white males are the most persecuted group and that a global cabal is after you. Because the Jewish elites are making it so that white girls will not fall for you. No it because girls don't like you.

    You probably believe that welfare people eat steak everyday and live in mansions paid by section 8 and from the tiny 10% that gets taken from taxes. Poor baby you have to work for money. You should see how people on welfare live. They want a job and it gets given to you.

    People want to live your life (not me) lots of people would want to live in a stable household and not to be afraid of the next months bills.
    You think that the internet and media is supposed to serve you.
    No before you born the internet already had net etiquette.

    People like Alex Jones pushed it too far. He actually convinced a crazy man to go shoot up a pizza place to look for a sex dungeon. And he made people like you harass shooting victims that they were paid actors. You probably will end getting this site moderated by your own hand

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