Has pop culture and consumer technology made people too reliant on looking for echo chambers?

Asked by: Luciano700
  • Yes! Almost everyone thinks that having platform will help them get an ego boost

    Let's face it, In a society where everything is being increasingly platformed, What can you get out of people now trying to be civilized about discussing their opinions, Differences or arguments aside? As more people rely on this echo chamber effect, More people will think less of self actualization and in the long run will make people too reliant on the validation of others. What happen to putting our differences aidde and still being able to enjoy eachother without constant belittling? Look at politics and where it's heading for an obvious example.

  • Echo chambers have always existed, The only difference is the platform

    Have we forgotten the sheer amount of violence and ignorance that has been prevalent in society before the internet and modern pop culture was a thought in someone's mind? The bottom line is that you're literally blaming the technology for an issue that's already deeply ingrained into people as a whole.

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