• It is almost scary.

    Pope Paul IV in 1968 warned of four results if the widespread use of contraceptives was accepted:

    General lowering of moral standards
    A rise in infidelity, and illegitimacy
    The reduction of women to objects used to satisfy men.
    Government coercion in reproductive matters.

    And what do we find?
    Kim Kardashian's marriage lasted 72 days, and most others barely last 3-4 years.
    Illegitimacy: way up. In 1960, 5.3% of all births in America were to unmarried women. By 2010, it was 40.8% [PDF].
    In 1960 married families made up almost three-quarters of all households; but by the census of 2010 they accounted for just 48 percent of them. Cohabitation has increased tenfold since 1960.

    And if you don't think women are being reduced to objects to satisfy men, welcome to the internet, how long have you been here?
    Government coercion: just look to China, and the US that is forcing everyone to pay for abortions.

  • Only in the sense that everyone makes these predictions with every age

    If you look back through history, moral standards and infidelity as part of them always seem to be hailed for the future.

    As for the reduction of women to objects - the fact that we have international equal rights throughout the west begs to differ on this point. Any look at today's society in comparison to bygone ages shows more freedom and autonomy for women across the board.

    Yes, the internet is full of pornographic material. This material was made consensually, meaning that they aren't reduced to that, they chose it, and can choose not to. How can you say they have been 'reduced' to it, if they are free to make their own choices?

    As well, it is hard to say the government is using coercion when they are allowing people to make a choice. If they were doing as china was doing (hard to compare both, seriously. Stick with one or the other), I would agree on this point, but the US is not coercing people to do things. They are allowing people to do things.

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