• Obamacare.

    Obama has planted the seed for a socialized healthcare system. Maybe - just maybe - if we embrace socialized healthcare, we can join literally every other first-world nation on this planet. Maybe, like them, we can enjoy a healthcare system that doesn't pander to the exploitative socioeconomic system and brutally repress those who have not been given the opportunity to "afford" the basic human right of being looked at by a doctor.

    Posted by: FR
  • I believe President Obama has done a good job, because he has brought a level of honesty and dignity to the Presidency.

    President Obama was swept into office after eight years of war and cronyism in the Bush administration, on a platform of change. While he has indeed brought a level of honesty and dignity to the Presidency, I believe his habit of compromising with the Republicans may be his downfall. I would prefer a more strident, progressive President. But, I am satisfied, at the present time, that President Obama is doing a good job.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • Tact, leadership, and insight

    Prevented an economic depression, passed Universal Healthcare, killed Osama Bin Laden, got General Motors back on track, all while facing insidious opposition from Republicans who refused to meet him halfway. It's absurd to say that he didn't do a good job.

  • Jobs, Energy, Foreign Policy

    Killed Osama Bin Laden
    Created jobs (Jobs act which was stopped by Republicans, did it piece by piece)
    Stimulus package and middle class tax cuts helped families make money/save money (created jobs as well instead of losing them)
    Took out Mommar Ghaddafi with a 'lead from behind' policy
    Tapped into oil in New Mexico (conservative ideal) yet when it spilt guess who the conservatives blamed? You guessed it.

    The man did a good job.

  • Considering the extreme climate that he inherited when he took office, he has done an amazing job and shown intelligence, restraint and wisdom.

    If we had had to accept a lesser president, we would have seen much larger problems. Obama took office during a financial meltdown, two wars, and a housing crisis. These problems took years to reach this point and they will take years to correct. I am thankful for his many bills and am angry that there is not more bipartisan cooperation.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • Yes yes yes

    He was an aamazing person who acred for the country on many occasions put himself in danger to always want the est for america. He is better than trump and deserves to be names the best american leader we have eveer ever had. End of the actual story yes yes

  • He did well and also left work on the table

    I believe he did a decent job. Health was not perfect, it was never going to be.
    - Premiums continue to go up, as they have for 30 years, but more people are covered now.
    - Jobs are in much better shape then 2008, but we have a very different economy now, so more will need to be done.
    - Gay rights are better than ever
    - He was mostly honest IMO, but over promised
    - He was blocked by Republicans from day 1
    - Overall I give him a Solid B grade.

  • Obama did better job than most people realize especially repubs

    From day 1 the repubs publicly said that they would stop Obama from winning 2 nd term is that the way govt works! I was encouraged when he won thinking that this country was finally on the way towards accepting the better candidate no matter black Hispanic or woman boy was I wrong . Obama took more flac from the repubs and mainly fox for 7 plus yrs no matter what he did and now they vote in the king of white people mr narcassitic trump. Imm 72 and I have worked in politics for 43 yrs . After this yr I now realize that intelligence and common sense is lacking in many of the people that vote. Just check facebook. Good luck to America we just thook major step backwards

  • Republican controlled congress

    Republicans like to say that Obama didn't hold up to his promises, but congress shot down many of the plans he proposed, thereby keeping him from fulfilling his vision. They don't want what's best for Americans, they want to push their own greedy agenda though whatever underhanded means possible. I'll stop short of name-calling...

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  • Obama is a lying sack.

    Obama maybe the only president who is not afraid to lie to the public on an average basis. He lied about Obamacare. A person cannot keep their healthcare if they so desire. He said premiums wouldn't go up. They are skyrocketing. Additionally, he is still lying about Benghazi. The president and his organization lied about the reasons behind Benghazi for an entire week. Suddenly, when the truth comes out, Obama claims he knew nothing of the attack on the embassy. Of course, he can get away with all this untruthfulness because the press will never call him on it.

  • Name one good thing he has done..

    And don't tell me he killed Osama because I sure as hell didn't see him with a gun in his hand. No racism intended but lets face it, the reason he was elected was because he is black. He should be impeached already. I would much rather have Bush than Obama.

  • Not a Citizen. Hates America. Breeds racist hate among US citizens.

    Not a citizen. Lied about birth certificate. Has put this country in more debt than ever before. He is an extreme leftist communist that was raised to hate America and our way of life. Has done nothing to help this country out the whole time in office. He is a crook and should be put in jail for all the unconstitutional laws and bills he has passed.

  • Remove the wasted weight in Washington

    This man made promises he either was not prepared to accomplish, or were far fetched. He lied to millions. I think people in our society need a story and one was created. Marketing and branding won his campaigns. What I find truly crazy is the volunteers who spent weeks helping out the campaigns and continue denying they were deceived. Everyone understands the concept of working all week and getting paid on Friday. These politicians are make ones of money just upon position. Their pay is usually for life. Do you honestly think they're going to use Obamacare?

  • Obama = Complete Fail

    Obama has simply done nothing but increase our federal spending each year which is digging into our pockets. He gives free 'paychecks' to any American who can fake a broken arm, and everyone who has paid their social security are receiving the same amounts of someone who has done nothing but pass a naturalization test.

  • Vote for me

    He implemented socialism into a weak economy, it will eventually fail and we will be worse off due to the government standing in the way of recovery, especially after the next bubble.
    Notice how even with the stimulus we are still at 8% unemployment, at least it did stop there, problem is, welcome to the new norm where tax increases and constant stimulus will keep us at least at 8%.

  • Obamacare and the stimulus were poor decisions.

    Obamacare will cost the average family $2,000.00 more per year and that is for the Bronze cheapest plan. This is yet another tax that he promised would not happen. Failed stimulus packages also did not help. Taxpayers have taken a substantial loss on the GM Bailout and they've used most of that money to build 10 MFG Plants in China!

  • Romney for President

    He did not kill Osama Bin Laden, all the credit goes to the brave men who carried out the mission, and not to mention that Bush has come close many times, so it's no great accomplishment. Obama also has an 8% unemployment rate, we're $20 trillion in debt (granted a lot of that came from 2 wars, although you'd think Obama would look into those and find out earlier that there was no budget plan for those, another example of his incompetence), and has passed almost no laws of actual importance. His wife has had a more of an influence on this country than the man himself. All in all, Obama had the potential to be a good president, but because of the laziness that his wife is trying to wipe out, he has failed as a president.

  • From CNN

    In another e-mail released by the head of C.N.N:

    " Dear Comrade Crowley, my little Babushka!

    I have hear from the Dear Magnificent Leader- Vladimar Oblama and those in the Appartatchik, including Commissars Pelosi (code name Plastic Face) and Reid, they send warmest thanks in the name of Revolution for your Victory against the evil Capitalist onslaught. I have also heard from Comrades at our Communist News Network (CNN) and TASS (Yahoo/ABC news), they along with the Revolutionaries at More Socialist Nonsense Broadcast Continually (MSNBC) have collected many rubles from the front and are building a statue of your likeness which will be place in the Gulag that will house the enemies of the state who watch FOX news, read Drudge and listen to the evil Capitalist propaganda on Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beckl.

    I have also heard from our glorious army of the Revolution (O.W.S) they have encircled the capitalist on all fronts and are waiting for the glorious collectivizion the Dear Magnificent Leader has spoken of when victory is realized! Your Motherland is proud of your ferocious Revolutionary stand! An extra ration of bread and Vodka is on your card-"

  • NO!

    Obama is horrible. All he has done is go on vacations and increased the debt by A LOT. He didn't kill Bin Laden, and doesn't really deserve any credit for the guys death. Did you not hear him say that he has been to all 57 states? There are 57 states in the Islamic Nation, so it kinda makes you think. No more Obama. He's done a bad job and hasn't kept his promises.

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