• Obama, while falling short of promises, still delivers some.

    Obama definitely lied about a lot of things when getting elected. The Healthcare bill was a disaster on all fronts, Guantanamo is still open, and he flat-out lied about whistle blower protection. However, to say he's done nothing good is focusing on the bad too much. For example, he's doing a lot to cut down costs for college students, and is fighting to repeal the Defense of Marrage Act.

  • Of course, Obama has done good things for the U.S.

    President Obama hasn't been the best president in history, but he has done plenty of good for the people of the U.S. For one thing, he approved the mission that killed Osama bin Laden, the U.S.'s number one outside enemy. He also fought for access to health care for millions of uncovered people. He has ended one expensive needless war and worked toward ending another. Under his administration, the economy has turned around.

  • Universal Health Care

    I do believe President Obama has done something incredible good for the people of the United States. He implemented the first universal health care act this country will use and I think this is an important step as we finally declare that all people need health care and all people deserve that care. The approved act is not perfect, but it's huge step in the right direction.

  • Yes, I think President Obama has done good for the American public.

    I think while there will always be people who disagree with the President and his policies I think that President Obama has implemented policies that have benefited the American public in a variety of areas some of which you can see publicly and some that are in changes that are harder to see but you get the benefits from anyway.

  • Obama has no reguard for the human person

    He ha s no respect for the human person. He supported planned parent hood, Supported embryonic stem cell research which destroys life, He legalized sodomy. He supported to redefine Marriage. He supported to destroy the moral fabric of our country. Ouir country was never more devided with Obama as our president. Our country was going down the wrong path. Trump is working to bring us back to God

  • Bad far outweighs the good

    I can think of nothing good off the top of my head but bad how about fixing healthcare by making it worse fixing the economy by making it worse and foreign policy he destabilized like 10 countrys way to go he even managed to destabilize the good old usa wow!

  • Obama is pitiful!

    Obama care is a complete failure. Rates are continuously going up for the unfortunate folks that were forced to sign up for the coverage and the insurance companies and doctors are losing money hand over fist. Obama cares only about himself and is only focused on his legacy which will be "WORST PRESIDENT EVER". I'm not sure how he stands in front of his TelePrompTer's due to the fact that he doesn't have a backbone. When his lips are moving you can bet he's lying. Many think he's the Anti-Christ....Not to sure about that but obviously he's divided the country like no other and his primary objective is to destroy America. And the left says Trump promotes violence but it's only the demos that are rioting, kicking, spitting on Trump supporters....Obviously the left promote violence not the right.

  • A complete failure!

    Hopefully our nation can survive what's left of his time on office.However then putting America to what it once was must take place immediately!..PUT GOD BACK INTO OUR DECISIONS. .MAKE HIM OUR TRUE LEADER!..A SURE AND MOST PROMISING WAY TO PUT .AMERICA BACK TO GREATNESS!.May GOD bless bless and bring back America!

  • Never did anything good,Only in it for money & fame.

    Everything he has done, which is nothing,terrible president.Has done nothing for the people only for the royal government and himself. He want's to tax everything. He only interested in being a celebrity . If he wanted to do any good . He would take the money out of government and tax the hell out of celebrities .

  • No, Obama has not done anything good for the people of the USA

    I do not believe that President Barrack Obama has done anything good for the people of the United States of America. I think that a lot of people may have benefited here and there, but in terms of the general public as well as the country, Obama has been a failure.

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