• Obama Allows Expansion of Our Rights

    Obama has allowed for an expansion of our rights. Some of the expanded rights come more into play on the state level than the federal government level. However I do believe that Obama has allowed states to pursue more liberal choices which grant our citizens greater freedom of expression and living. His initiatives in healthcare and gun control provide more solid guidelines without restricting American freedom. His support of gay marriage and policies around birth control have provided more choice and opportunity to many American citizens. While he, as President, only has so much opportunity to create change and expand our rights, he is doing an excellent job allowing for the expansion to happen.

  • Our Rights Have Not Been Expanded By Obama

    I can't say that President Obama has expanded our rights by any means. Though Obama has had many issues to deal with during his first term in office, I do not believe that expanding the citizens rights was at the top of his list. It appears to me that many of our rights in fact have begun to diminish over the years.

  • NO

    If anything, he has done a good deal to limit them even more than they were at the beginning of his first term. The first thing that comes to mind is him pushing for tighter gun control, and the second thing that comes to mind is the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

    The biggest thing, though, is the health care law. I had great hope for it at first, but the end result is basically just making every single man, woman, and child in the United States the financial slaves of health insurance companies.

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