Has President Obama failed as commander in chief by allowing veterans to be shut out of the war memorials while still allowing illegal aliens to protest on the Washington Mall?

Asked by: Randyg
Has President Obama failed as commander in chief by allowing veterans to be shut out of the war memorials while still allowing illegal aliens to protest on the Washington Mall?
  • Our war heroes deserve better

    The open air memorials were fenced off and guarded to keep our heroes and fellow citizens away from them . Why this was done is beyond comprehension as the fencing and guards would cost even more than just leaving them alone. These memorials belong to the American people and more importantly the heroes . No veteran should ever be turned away from their memorial and as commander in chief, President Obama failed his veterans by allowing this to happen. Across the mall, a demonstration was permitted for illegal aliens that was attended by many high ranking politicians including Nancy Pellosi. This is truly unamerican to deny access to veterans while supporting illegal aliens . The cost of security for the demonstration far exceeded the cost of allowing our veterans to walk up to the memorial. President Obama, you are commander and chief , take care of your soldiers!

  • Obama has completely failed as commander in chief. This is merely one example of his shortcomings.

    It isn't right that people who risked their lives to defend this country should be unable to go to a memorial for a war that they fought in while people that aren't even citizens are aloud to legally protest. All of those illegal immigrants should be rounded up and deported back to wherever they came from. The right to protest only applies to CITIZENS of the united states, not ILLEGAL aliens.

  • But the entire government and both parties have failed our nation.

    Yes he failed but so did the legislators that created this problem because they are not doing their jobs. It's time to throw the bums out.

    I see no differences between the 2 parties. They both only care about money and power. They don't care about veterans or any citizen (except when they need our votes). Both are minorities shoving their agenda/belief system down the throats of the majority. I'd love to see an America in which EVERY citizen can live their life as they wish as long as they do not infringe on the rights of other citizens.

    Why should my rights be limited because of someones religious beliefs (referring to abortion and birth control)? I think the entire government has forgotten what their job is. They are not public servants....They are kings and queens. And we are to blame. Only 30% of us vote and we do a piss poor job of it. We need to vote intelligently. How much did you know about the last person you voted for?

  • No he hasn't

    It is congresses responsiblility to pass a budget, not the presidents. Therefore congress should be the ones scrutinized for the consequences of the government shutdown, and not the president.

    However, if we were to assume that the shutdown was the presidents fault, then the example given still wouldn't be a sign of his failure as commander in chief. Allowing people to protest whether they are "illegal aliens" or otherwise is a right for anyone living in the United States. You don't chastise the president when citizens of other countries take part in protests, why should the "illegal aliens" for lack of better words be given an acceptance.

    Overall it seems like you are comparing apple and oranges here, why couldn't people protest against an ailment if veterans couldn't visit a war memorial? Just because the federal shutsdown doesn't mean you can excise peoples rights.

  • No Comparison To Locations!

    The National Mall is a "Common Area". It ISN'T a park, or a memorial. Veterans are citizens. My ancestors have served this country, in uniform, since the Civil War. My husband's ancestors fought in the American Revolution. No soldier fights for special treatment. They fight for freedom. That means everybody -- not just Vets!

    War Memorials are considered like battlefields aka a park. So, they are closed. Common areas are not closed. The National Mall is a "common area". I'm not an advocate for Illegal Aliens, but USE common sense. The Protestors AREN'T standing at the Jefferson Memorial. It's closed. So, you CANNOT make a comparison!

    This shutdown IS disappointing to anyone who planned to do sightseeing in Washington -- Veteran & Tourist alike. The President hasn't failed as a commander-in-chief, because these memorials are closed. Has the GOP-led House failed these Veterans? They could've prevented this shutdown. Boehner could've ended it, days ago. The votes are there for the counting, but he WON'T bring it to the floor! When Washington stops, it has a ripple affect. Sooner or later, most Americans get a taste of it. And whether they are a Veteran or not, they usually DON'T approve of the disruption it makes to their lives!

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