• No, late-night Metrorail hasn't been a failure.

    I do not believe that late-night Metrorail service has been a failure. I think that while it is logically explainable that the Metrorail is less busier at night, I still think it provides an important resource for a lot of people to commute. I think they should continue the late-night Metrorail.

  • I would not say

    I think late night metrorail service has only been a failure if it is being compared to the daytime averages. Of course more poeple will be riding during the day, so it must be accepted that there will be less volume. Still, people are being served and needs are being met.

  • It saves lives.

    No, providing late-night Metrorail service has not been a failure, because it gives people an option besides driving home. Who knows how many lives have been saved. It also gives people an option to stay out later and spend more money downtown than they otherwise would. It does not matter if they are not cost-positive in the midnight hours.

  • Public Deserves to be Served

    DC's Metro rail service should run at all times since Washington is a vibrant city and the seat of the federal government. Late-night Metro rail service hasn't been a failure so long as one member of the public is served by the extended hours. Public transportation is there to serve everyone, so as long as one life is saved by the service, it is money well spent and hardly a failure.

  • No, I don't think it has

    It really hasn't been going on that long, I don't see how you could view it as a failure. The use of it is good for the people. If its bleeding money on a large scale, maybe they should slim it down,but I think the city is in need of this service. Traffic is awful there.

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