• Yes It Has

    I believe pursuing an art career in America has become too expensive. I attended an art college for two years and it was terribly expensive and the projects you were expected to fund were very expensive as well. I think this is really unrealistic given the low wages in this field for the vast majority.

  • Yes it is.

    Pursuing any career that requires a college education has become too expensive in America. The reason for this is the rising price of tuition and the interest rates on student loans. It should not be this way. Not for the arts, and not for any other academic endeavor one wants to follow through on.

  • Yes, pursuing an art career has become expensive.

    I think that trying to get a career in art in America has become too expensive. I think a lot of people have been fooled into thinking that they need to get expensive degrees to work in the art field today. The truth of the matter is, art is something that doesn't need a degree to be profitable.

  • Yes, it is expensive

    I think the term starving artist is something that has always been,but times are expensive, far more than the past. You have many different ways to make money,but art is an old craft that is far more expensive than any other. If you look at sculpting alone, its not going to be a lucrative passion.

  • It can be a hobby.

    No, pursuing an art career in America has not become to expensive, because there are many ways that a person can pursue an art career. An aspiring artist doesn't have to go to a full-time, four year art college. They can do a shorter program. They also don't have to be a full time artist.

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