• Yes, It's a Whole new World

    Rapid urbanization causes dislocation. City dwellers usually
    have fine values, but their way of looking at the world may be quite different than
    the way people from the country see things. So some people who move to big
    cities can lose track of their childhood values, before they develop a new way
    of relating to the world. The sense of isolation can be hard to bear, and can
    lead to poor choices sometimes, before people adjust and build their new lives.

  • Yes, rapid urbanization has affected our values.

    I believe that urbanization has affected our values. Our land is affected as more and more people move to urban areas. Prime farm land is being replaced by huge condos that people feel that have to have. The animal population is affected by urbanization because animals lose their homes. Our values change because we forget about appreciating nature and all it has to offer us. Instead we are consumed by our need for bigger and better places to live.

  • Urbanization has influenced our traditional and religious values.

    We have been SO consumed by this society where it is no more considered 'cool' to follow our traditions. Nowadays many Muslim girls feel 'uncool' going to school with a hijab, they feel that the hijab makes them 'that-religious-girl'. There might not be a lot of us who still goes to churches. It could be because of any reason- from not having time to not going because your friends might tease you for being religious, all the reasons being caused due to Urbanization.

    Posted by: Minu
  • Changes help to shape the values we live

    Urbanization help to define a clear boundary between what we hope to accomplish or not living an urban way of life. Our mental judgment and reasons to the values we use to live by and the values we come into contact with must be control by our decision over what is best for our life. Urbanization must not be blamed for the things we lost but for the gain through acceptance of new values that help to make our live for pleasant.

  • Our values are being tested, but they can stand firm.

    Just because someone lives in an urban area doesn't mean that they are forced to change their values. People can hold to what they truly believe whether they are in a city or in the country. The city may test those values more, bringing differing opinions and options, but our core values can still stay the same.

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