Has religion benefited human society overall?

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  • God is awesome

    Think about it, nothing could have created the world other than god. If there was no such thing as god, how can we explain how earth was created?
    Besides, religion is just a belief. How much harm can it cause? I am sure that each human has a right to make choices, how can you stop a man from believing something?
    Every religion teaches us good things and what we should spend our lives doing(good things). If there weren't religions, people will not be motivated to do good and i am sure this world will be in chaos.

  • Religion has helped society

    Some of the first societies to arise were based solely around a common religion. Without religion, it would have been extremely unlikely for humans to find any cultural common ground. Most early tribal peoples would have driven each other to extinction based on the belief that one group must be superior than the other. Religion provided the belief that humans are under a deity, and therefore equal (In the case of most religions).

    In today's world, religion greatly benefits society still. It provides a sense of unity for communities and most religions provide charity services at no expense to the state or the tax payer. Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, and other forms of voluntary institutions are simply more able to provide aid to those in need than individuals or governments.

    Posted by: Bash
  • Back to basics

    Religion is the answer to an unanswerable question.
    Without religion the world and mankind as a race could not have reached its current stage. Although now and in the past religion has in many cases been portrayed as negative because of the numerous wars sprung up in their differences it has provided many of the cornerstones and morals that people all across the world try to live by.
    How is that a negative thing?

  • You cant prove either either way....

    One can not necessarily prove to the no column that God or Religion is real or beneficial. And you can not prove to the yes column that their religion is pointless for them or that God is not real. God and religion will always be debated, maybe it benefits us in a way we don't think of often. Maybe it gives us that debate... That wonder until the end...

  • But of course!!

    There is no doubt that religion is beneficial. Religion has individual benefits, including longer life span and more happiness overall, and it benefits society, with lower crime rates and less suicide. Some famous artists based their art on religion, including U2 and Michelangelo. It may even be true that without religion, our morals might be completely different!

    And religion is not the cause of war, but people! Yes, people who hate that religion are the cause of war. I definitely think that religion has benefited society overall.

  • It taught people morals

    If we started out with science, we would treat each other like humans are not better than squirrels. We would just say we are smarter, when EVERYONE knows we are more than just smarter. Also, the Bible states God did not create disease or death or anything like that. It was said humans were immortal. We started dying and getting angry and sad when we committed sin. That act of disobeying God is what created evil, not God himself. Romans 5:12 (NLT)

  • You're Forgetting Something

    Religion is defined as the belief in God, or a god. It does not include atheists nor agnostics, so "What is Religion?" post is untrue. If someone wants to bring war, oppression, and lies into the situation, then realize that you are hitting on quite a broad spectrum. Does the church or religious people have faults? Certainly, but so does everyone else. Every single person. War has begun for SEVERAL different reasons, so to single our religious debate and therefore say it is not beneficial if not downright harmful simply for that reason is completely unjustifiable.
    Why don't each one of you realize that religion provides a foundation of morals and hope. If you're dying of cancer, and you can find strength in religion or the belief in God, I would say that in itself outweighs the "cons" that have been listed. Churches, for example the Catholic Church would undeniably fall under the realm of "religion." Therefore, 70% of you are telling me that one of the TOP FIVE largest charities isn't beneficial to society?
    Keep in mind that religion, PURE religion, is not the reason behind war and lies. It is the people who claim to practice said "religion" who the war and lies stem from.

  • It's Problems Outweighs Advantages Once Brought

    In primitive time where we never knew the world we live in had us believing that they were the work of miracles brought by a divine governor controlling all that is.

    But every time we learn something new the more a divine being was needed to understand why and how things work.

    You would think God would be more than the gaps of what we yet to know.

    People think religion brought a moral conduct within a society before modern technology, however even then religion never really did much to help. Human nature outweighs the fear of divine beings, the concept of hell still never stopped criminals more then the thought of being caught by guards.

    Religion brings discrimination and ignorance to a modern society, it will always push itself into areas it shouldn't and always try to claim an answer for everything.

    Seriously, Benefited? Ha, why do you think we call it the dark ages.

  • Wars, Oppression, lies.

    Religion has not only caused us the some of greatest wars in history, but they have spread lies, fear, hate, they have created a world in which some desire for the world to end because they assume its the returning of their creator. Religion is sometimes a good thing, it can unite people by the masses, bring hope where none existed before, and give meaning to some. It's a pity the same thing could be said about lying. I'n my opinion religion is a plague that should be wiped off the earth.

  • What is Religion?

    What is Religion? And what do we mean by "benefit"? I believe we need to define our terms here. Religion = "a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects."
    This being said, Hitler was a very religious person and so is the most devout atheist.
    If I say I am practicing "nothing" in regards to religion, my nothing takes on some form of "not believing" and my not believing in something or someone else means essentially I believe in myself, therefore, I do have a set of beliefs hinged upon myself. I as an atheist would therefore be religious.
    And benefits! They are relative. Ask Caesar of the Roman empire if his dogmatic belief that he was god benefited him. "Of course it did," he would reply, "I had it made." On the other hand ask the nation of Israel under his authority if it benefited them. They would answer with a resounding, "NO."
    So, I believe our question is a bit faulty, which in turn, will produce faulty responses, as I have already detected incoherent arguments on both sides of this question.
    In conclusion I think the question at hand should revolve around "truth" not religion. "Truth" by definition is exclusive. I suppose then it's no wonder that the man who single handedly left the greatest imprint on humanity condemned religion, and said this, "Know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

  • Society doesn't need religion to benefit from

    We have the ability to empathize and rationalize that our actions have consequences. Being that we are social animals who can rationalize living together cooperatively far out weighs the 'me verses you' mentality religious beliefs tends to endorse when pushing ones belief down a neighbors throat. Which comes from the notion that there is an all encompassing moral author that has been fueling the fire of discrimination.
    We must ask ourselves, how do we determine what the edicts of religion are moral, isn't interesting that we often find religious belief siding with discrimination? How is that a positive thing?

  • Religions have been regressive, repressive and oppressive

    Witch Hunts
    Holy Wars
    Imprisoning scientists whose work proved heliocentrism
    Preaching fear, Hell fire and brimstone
    Denying abortion, contraception and homosexuality, whilst ignoring more serious sins within, such as pedophilia amongs the priests and the murdering and dumping of babies from unmarried mothers in Ireland

    Its a long, long list

    Organised religions create tribal difference, enforce unrealistic unnatural social rules and fail to embrace change as new information about our world is proven

  • To be honest, the dark ages say it all

    The death of the renaissance, the fall of society into blind religious fervour, the loss of momentum towards enlightenment caused by the church means that the church will literally never be able to do enough to paint themselves as a net good for the world.

    It has had benefits, but I would say no more than any other strong community oriented structure would or could have.

  • No, not anymore.

    At one time it was the only thing we had to explain the things that we didn't understand. Certain religions have helped fund scientific research, but those same religions have shot the people down that made any discoveries. Overall religion is no longer needed. We understand things well enough and we're evolved enough to take on the world and life itself from here.

  • The amount of plot holes and conflicting beleifs

    Has been a nightmare in society since it was created considering The christian god is a loving peaceful jeleous god who wants us to kill his enemys allows horrible wars in his name and sends us to hell for being envious as he himslef is envious. What a hypocrite. Peace

  • In the beginning yes, but now no.

    Yes, it was the beginning of many civilizations, but said civilizations would have started on their own eventually. Now there are many extremist groups for each and every religion. These groups cause more harm than the good that the non-extremists do. These groups also use a lot of resources from every country that has to combat them.

  • Well......Its not totally beneficial

    Religion can be referred to as the root of many wars. The crusades is an example. Many people say that religion promotes peace and calmness, bringing us closer to god or whatever deity they worship. We must evaluate...Is religion really teaching us to be calm? In fact, religion has started interpersonal arguments, which leads to small social conflicts, then to inter-racial conflicts, and finally of course, a war.

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