Has religion done any good to/for mankind at all?

Asked by: ChandanB
  • Religion organized money for arts.

    Note that I'm not saying it couldn't have been done by someone else, I am saying that religion created a centralized place to fund many great artists. Great works of art have inspired humanity to make a better world for everyone. Also modern education had its roots in the church.I believe they could have been done without religion, but it is something that religion has done.

  • It is utterly useless

    It has caused for wars for humanity than anything else, nothing will ever convince me that there is any good in it whatsoever!! Untold death, destruction, misery and chaos. Since when is it anyone`s right to ram down another individuals throat that their religion is right?!! Never!! No one person can ever tell me what I can believe in! And if their is a god where is he/her?!! In their pathetic imagination!!

  • How it Closes minds for scientific growth and how it is the opium of the people.

    'The church seeks to close minds while science seeks to open minds' says Phillip Pullman in the Amber Spyglass one of my favourite books. And he is right. The Church shunned Galileo and Darwin and men like him who proposed rational scientific theories which we know are now true. Religion is something that people hide behind and faith an irrational arbitrary foolishness. If we retain an open mind we can discover more truth and maybe more to discovering if God is real or not but to do so we must be open minded and that means not hiding under an unjustified belief with no evidence. I am no Atheist, I am an Agnostic but I am not to fond of religion and it has caused nothing but war, violence, closed mindedness and denying scientific evidence.

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