• Most wars are based on religion

    Majority of the wars in the middle east are based on religion and people not respect and/or agreeing with the reliogious practices of others. Religion isn't supposed to be about war but now it seems like thats all it is. Especially when science out rules any kind of theory that a bible of any source could ever describe.

  • Religion is the source of much of the world's tension.

    Religion is a practice that is supposed to be the basis for values and a source of peace and contentment. Instead, it is the source of much of the world's strife and has rooted some very deep seeded hate that has sparked murder and war. In this context, religion is one of the world's great failures.

  • No, religion is still a source of inspiration

    With memberships in the millions, and climbing, religion is still very much a part of modern society. Many people make decisions daily based on their chosen faith. Criminals and mentally ill people have found solace in the various religions worldwide. In this respect I feel that religion has not failed in the slightest.

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