Has religion interfered with the advancement of humankind more than it has contributed to it?

  • Catholicism not religion

    I dont blame religion for the setback, I blame Catholicism. And not the God aspect of it, only the human aspect of it. If humanity followed the guidelines of the bible like we are supposed to then every bit of the bad deeds of the Catholic church would have never happened.

  • Science, technology and medical advancement.

    For example- Christopher Reeve could have been alive today if it were for stem cell research. But instead morals and ethical beliefs had to stand in the way of his and many, more deaths- which I think is morally and ethically wrong! If you found a cure for cancer and couldn't find a way to patent it or it came from something questionable therefore couldn't cure people is totally wrong in my eyes! SO many children/people die from their moral and ethical beliefs ...

  • Real Life/ Logic

    After the fall of the Roman Empire, much of Europe was left in turmoil. Barbarians where running around pillaging villages, and raping women, and stealing all of the valuables. During this time of chaos one thing emerged, a hope that everything would be alright. This new hope was Religion/church, although the people did not know that because of religion humanity would fail

  • Religion is the poison that plagues mankind!

    Simple, created by man, to control man. There was a time when the church ruled all, it was called the dark ages. Humans are fools to believe that religion isn't a means of control by the elite. If you really want to read the "Bible" read it ALL. Including the Apocryphal Texts! And turn off your "Idiot Boxes" as well. The Tel'Lie'Vision poisons your mind!

  • It was science

    It was science which moved mankind forward. Absolutely unlike a religion which essence is not to question laws. Thus not revealing secrets of nature > not gaining this kind of knowledge. Today it is accepted that it wasn't prayers, nor miracles that helped mankind achieve great discoveries and so increase advancement progress of our society. It was human curiosity and ability to solve mysteries of nature; mathematics, physics, biology, psychology and many other areas of science.

  • The Dark Ages

    The Catholic church destroyed so much knowledge during the Medieval Dark Ages. They burned countless libraries, books, and anything else that they deemed "harmful to God". The Catholic church has a long history of suppressing knowledge in order to give them more power and control over the uneducated masses.

    Religion has done more harm than good to the advancement of mankind and knowledge.

  • There's no question it has....

    I was a christian until I went into a library and started doing research and found there were more than 2,700 Gods that have existed.. Every Christian holiday and story associated with Jesus has been taken from older religions... In the last 1000 years they have destroyed everything that a human being could've have become at this point in time.... by the 1800's over 95% of Europe couldnt read and write as the pursuit of knowledge was considered blaspheme... Even in the 1900's the Church controlled most of Americas hospitals and woudnt even teach prenatal care to women or the most basic of services in regards to educating the public...

    Popes - there have been maybe 5 Popes who were actually moral men... The rest of them were perhaps the most evil and twisted men in the history of our species, the crimes they committed against humanity and the genocides are so heinous they cant even be taught in schools... And like the Christians of the past that took control of a country (Rome) with the most powerful army in the world are today trying to do the same with our country and I would fight to the death to protect our freethinking people and to prevent a Theocratic government from every attaining power...

  • YES...ingnorance is bliss

    First off, most religions have caused more suffering throughout history (especially Christianity). The church imprisoned or killed those that did not carry the same beliefs. Galileo was imprisoned when he contradicted the "all-knowing" church that Earth was NOT the center of the universe. If not for science, man would still beleive heaven exist in the clouds, stil be building temples trying to reach heaven and still be killing others that do not beleive as they do....oh wait, we still do that.
    Someone mentioned that Christianity was a great religion that didnt cause war. Ignorance must be bliss. Millions have died at the hands of Christianity. To this day Christians seems to be the most judgemental, condemning those that dont share the same views. The spread of Christianity was due to converting Pagans or killing them off. Most chose to live...silly, i know. At least there was compromise though...Christians would make up holidays that fit their god on existing Pagan holidays. Aside from that, Christianity has branched off into more craziness. No one can agree, so they make up a new religion and new stories and call it baptist, mormonism, etc. The old testament seems to be forgotten. If i spout out that an unruly child should be taken to the edge of town and stoned accroding to the old testament, people go nuts and say "we use the new testament." But then I ask , "do you live by the 10 commandments?" Guess what...old testament. Let's just pick and choose what we want. Most people never even read the bible...they simply take verses from it to preach. The quickest way to becoming an athiest is to actually read the bible. back to science....evolution is still considered taboo because of religion. Really? So much so, that people fight it in schools. How can you say relgion doesnt hinder us? We as a country make a bigger deal out of "God" being taken out of the pledge than the fact that our children rank low in the world when it comes to math and science. If we based out life on religion and never asked "why" we would still be in the dark ages. religion didnt build the iPhone youre reading this from, the television you watch or the video games you play. What it has done...created new hate groups that protest at soldier's funeral's , promote hatered against other races, genders and religious sects, and have become a main influence in American politics. we have representetives who claim global warming isnt an issue because "god told moses he wont flood us again."
    Religion will always hurt people. We can be moral, charitable and supportive of others without bringing in supernatural fairy tales.
    my 5 yr old son asked his mother what causes thunder. she answer "god." This annoys is acceptable to answer with "god" for anything we do not understand. 2+2 does not equal GOD just because you do not know the answer.

  • Religion is a hideous sore on the face of intelligent life.

    Ever since men created gods to answer questions about our own existence that could not yet be answered by science, humans have used those superstitious beliefs to manipulate their fellow man and control society. Science and rational thought, logic and study have come to explain much more about how our world exists, taking religion kicking and screaming into the modern age. Religions of the world, namely the older ones, have slowly and begrudgingly relinquished their dominion over what used to be unexplainable. Things like the sun, reproduction, modern medicine among countless others have been “explained” through stories and charming anecdotes, until a point where we found out the truth behind these phenomenon. Religions not only contradict each other, assuring that no two could be right (although they could all be wrong), they have given rise to the worst crimes committed by mankind. A short list would include such atrocities as: Most wars, the systematic genital mutilation of newborns, oppression of a multitude of social groups, an ugly attack on our deepest moral integrity (suggesting that we would have no morally or ethically-stable way to live harmoniously without some absolute supernatural dictatorship), childhood indoctrination, ritualistic human & animal sacrifice and the abuse and molestation of children. However to narrow my focus and achieve greater depth, I will concentrate this paper on the suppression of crucial medical research in the United States of America.
    It was discovered in the mid 1800s that some cells could generate other cells in the body. In the early 1900s the first actual stem cells were discovered when it became known that blood cells could be generated in this manner as well. The most potent kinds of stem cells are harvested from human embryos, namely in the blastocyst stage. The cells taken here can be made into any of the 200 plus cells found in the human body. The use of stem cells taken from adults has already been used in successful therapies and natural regenerative medicine, curing and aiding patients with a host of diseases once thought to be incurable. Some ailments include: Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis, dozens of cancers and autoimmune diseases, Burn victims who need skin repair, blindness, deafness, liver disease, metabolic disorders and spinal cord injuries… to name a few.
    Adult stem cell research is currently allowed in the United States, but embryonic stem cell research has been argued over, slowed, vetoed and outlawed by the prominent religions in the country. Catholic & Christian social groups have come out against embryonic stem cell research, despite its’ greater potential than the already successful adult stem cell research. They claim that any form of sperm and egg combination is considered a sacred human life, not to be engineered or destroyed for any purpose. This is purely their own opinion and it has not been substantiated with evidence or reason that a group of 150 cells is a living thing with rights; it is just what they believe. Human embryos cannot experience pain, pleasure, love, or any sensory feelings because they do not possess brains. They have no cognitive functions whatsoever, and it has been proven that these things are true because it has been well documented that the brain is where these things are located. Everything we perceive can be broken down into electrochemical signals interpreted by our highly developed brains. President George W. Bush vetoed embryonic stem cell research at the governmental level because he could not reconcile his religiously motivated set of ethics.
    Adult stem cell research has been and continues to be a colossal success for human medicine, and although embryonic stem cell research holds even more promise for the future of humanity, it will unfortunately have to wait for the day where world religions surrender their stranglehold on morality and let science be able to freely do what it has been doing under the watchful eyes of religion and discover more and more truths every day. This will be a glorious time for human society, where we can pursue rational, logical truth about the world we live in; as opposed to the tribal traditions of millennia past. I realize this paper is heavily biased and opinionated, but if I have not yet made my points known, then continuing this effort would be to no avail.

  • Aside from war yes

    Technical advancements in warfare technology, from jet fighters to night vision glasses, have vastly evolved due to so many conflicts around the world. Many of these conflicts are caused by differing religious beliefs. Aside from warfare, though, religion held back science. If you dared to carry out experiments with science you were accused of witchcraft and burned alive on a stake in public to dissuade others from carrying on.

    Arguments that religion gave mankind hope is preposterous, people did not go around committing mass suicide because they did not have religion, Atheists do not go around killing themselves on mass these days either.

    Religion is a way of controlling the masses. If people are stupid enough to believe that religion is a way of being accepted by their chosen god, good luck to them. For me, I want proof. I believe Jesus lived, but I believe Jesus after being told by his parents he was the son of god was a bit mental and not surprising but he was just a normal man who lived and died, the church keeps say he's coming back, he is not coming back he died 2012 years ago, he had a wife and kids funny how the church dismiss that too. Plus the majority of priests are sexually repressed or paedophiles!

    As for the Jews they do unto Muslims as what the Nazi's did to them, clearly history and religion did not teach them to be tolerant of others. And talking of Muslims they just want to suppress their followers and kill anyone that does not agree with them, Christianity may have evolved somewhat in recent times but they are all wrong, they know it (otherwise if they are god fearing; why do Muslims kill people over cartoons and films and why do priests interfere with children? Because they all know it's BS)

  • Look here.

    If it wasn't for the Catholic Church we wouldn't even have science today. It would have been eradicated during the dark ages. Much of science comes from religion, the Islamic religion created basic understanding of light and they created the astrolabe. They had amazing architecture. Most early arts were due to the church. Though it may be true that clergy members often did not create technology during the ancient times the power they had over the stupid people allowed order to take place. This allowed intellectuals not to be killed by stupid idiots calling black magic. Religion kept mankind in check there is not a single case where a civilization existed without religion. The only times when religion interfered with the advancement of mankind is during the early modern period but all sorts of weird and crazy powerful people existed in this time. Albert Einstein says, "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." You people who think religion prevents the advancement of man kind are fools, there are hundreds of missionary trips to Africa and Asia that teach children.

  • On balance no.

    While there are instances of religious figures interfering with the development of the sciences, the fact is that religious institutions created the first academic institutions in Europe, which incidentally spread the most during the Middle Ages, a time where Christianity was common place.

    I find some of the answers on the yes did to be infuriating. Many are content to name Galileo, as one single bullet point makes their analysis correct. First, it lacks context, as Galileo was not condemned because of his theory, but rather because he insulted the Pope. Who coincidentally had been his greatest supporter before then. Second, much of their opinions lack balance, as they only look for the bad without considering any good.

  • Science and Religion go hand in hand

    When you think about it, both religion and science were originally set for one goal; the truth. Today, people have been extremely corrupt, whether being a modern scientist or just a leader of some church. Now, instead of people working together, religion and science, people work against each other to try to prove the logic or lack thereof for religion/science.
    If people would just get over themselves and continue to try to find the truth, than we wouldn't have these debates. Ever since the theory of the "big bang theory" surfaced, there has been this tension between people, now to the point where there has to be sub-types of scientists.

    What has really interfered with the advancement of humankind? People that think of any other way to avoid obeying the God of the universe, people who are so stuck on living their own ways so that they create a conflict to try to make themselves not only "free" from such an authority, but to also seem more intelligent because they believe in the one biggest contradiction of science; that something can come from nothing. This. Is. False. And every scientist that has rejected the idea of a creator knows this, because just like how there has to be a watchmaker to create every significant detail and function of the watch, there has to be an intelligent to have created something like the human race. But we just came from a random explosion that even the most defined, intelligent scientists cannot recreate.

    As far as religion goes, it HAS to be based on TRUTH. If you read the Bible, you can easily figure out what type of religion is corrupt and what isn't, just like how some science is corrupt and some isn't. It's so plain and simple; it's all based on the truth.

    Religion is NOT a sore, if it stays true to what is actually supposed to be taught/followed. Science doesn't have hurt the environment if it was used correctly.

  • God created everything

    If god didn't make people intelligent, then humans would not have a mind to do critical thinking. Since science said something cannot come out of nothing,hence god. Checkmate,atheists!!! Even today many religious people believe that god is real,hence he is. If you don't believe it,check the bible. It's god's word.

  • Because everyone that share in advancement follow some religion

    It is the religion that contributed to humankind advancement. Religion is not interfering in advancement, but it is the de-routed human that interfered in advancement. There is no religion in the world that preaches and resist in humankind advancement. But when anyone (it may be single person or nation) violates religion lessons and shift to personal goals, then we see disorders.

  • No, it hasn't.

    Without religion, most people wouldn't have the will to go on knowing that there is no life after death. The human race may have ended a long time ago if there was no such thing as religion. Yes, it is true that the middle ages put a huge gap in our race's technological advancement, but without religion, humans would not have any hope.

  • Science mainly came from religion

    Many important scientists and fields of science were heavily influenced by the ideas and teachings found in religion especially astronomy and taxonomy. Religion is like science in that it offers a tenable answer to a currently unknown question and in this way I believe it has had a very positive influence on humanity overall. Would we have ever developed the scientific method without first explaining the cosmos and the existence of ourselves using religious ideas?


    For my opinion Religion is a "REGULATOR" AND "GUIDE" for the mankind. Religion helps mankind to take the right decisions in order to separate the Good and Bad. Like the question express "advancement", advancement means go ahead in the right way for example the invention of different ways of transportation, the invention of medicine, tehcnology, etc. Religion always support the advancement fo the human being but also Religion does not agreee with the destruction. In conclusion, Religion never interfered in the advancement of the mankind.

  • I disagree with the statement that religion has interfered with the advancement of humankind.

    Religion has been influencing mankind since the beginning of time. I believe that without the influence of religion we would be without law and order. Religion has been the landmark of obedience since the Roman Catholic days. Cities that don't practice any type of religious order end up chaotic in nature.

    Posted by: lacosa
  • Although religion has often interfered with the advancement of civilization, in certain eras, it has also been the sanctuary or repository of the knowledge that allowed civilization to once more move forward.

    Religions, because they are created, formulated, and headed by mortals, show the same tendencies that any organizations do: to retain and consolidate their power and influence, and to expand that power and influence to "take over" perceived rivals. These tendencies inevitably create a group mindset that opposes change and leads to stagnation. A very good thing if you are a religious leader, but not a good thing if you are a scientist. Religion has always opposed science. Religion does not want to change its beliefs or tenets, and science wants to challenge everything. This tension is not likely to change. Culturally, religion states that it is right, so challenges to it must be wrong. Fortunately, most people are more practical. If what has always been a cultural norm is not working, they replace it with something that does work. Examples might be child labor, the feudal system, and that improbable social experiment called "democracy". During the Dark Ages, existing knowledge was hidden away in monasteries and abbeys. Religious orders such as the Jesuits have added to our scientific knowledge. Religion may be a "brake", that by resisting change, it makes us "look before we leap."

    Posted by: CI3Iike

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T03:07:28.543
The infighting within and the fighting among organized religions has interfered with our human advancement. Religions and their buildings and institutions were bastions of information, education, and stewardship as various factions and orthodoxys were vying for their protection and preservation. It was not the religions themselves that hindered our development, but the conflict arising from control of respurces and politics that was the culprit.