Has religion limited social progress in modern times?

  • Yes it sure has.

    There is such intolerance in many religions for difference of beliefs that are causing millions of people to not move forward. The new Pope is against gay marriage and I am fairly sure he said it was a sin again the church. Other religions still treat women as inferior beings. It has put many educated people at odds with what their belief system says and what common sense and science say. If religions could be more open to accepting each other so would their followers.

  • Conservative religion certainly has.

    I think that people who more strictly adhere to religion and claim that the Bible has all the answers, might be playing a role in limiting social progress. People who listen to fundamentalist leaders who say that Jesus didn't like gay people, or that abortion is wrong in God's eyes, should take a step back and think for themselves as to what they really feel is right or wrong--not listen to the person in the pulpit.

  • Oh, I say it sure does!

    Most religions have a moral code they adhere to and deem as the only right way to behave. So when you get to issues such as sexuality preferences they will say that choice "A" is the right and only way, even going to the extreme of saying anyone who doesn't fit in that mold should be considered wrong, or even dare we say evil? So it is does stifle social growth.

  • Progress is a relative term.

    It would depend on the definition of "progress". If by progress a person means equality for all then potentially some religious beliefs have impeded that. However, the spectrum of religions is vast, and the definition of religion itself is a collection of beliefs and cultural values. In a sense then, we all have a religion. Therefore, there are too many subjective variables to commit to a yes vote on this topic.

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