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  • Religion Is All Around

    I do not believe religion has lost its place in society. I know in my town there are plenty of Christian churches and from living in another area of the country there were many churches as well as every other religion represented in buildings dedicated to those religions. I believe many people identify and believe in their religion and I do no this it has lost it's place in society.

  • Religion is something that many still need.

    People need something to believe in, and when you are dealing with simple, uneducated people -- and that's what most in this world are -- religion gives them something greater than themselves to trust. I think that religion has a place in society as a matter of comfort for these simple masses. However, I think you will continue to see more educated and intelligent castes of society become non-believers.

  • No it hasn't.

    Although I am not a religious person myself, I do not believe that religion has lost its place in society. I still think that it is very important to some people. Fortunately, we are not forced to be religous in America. So even if religon helps one person, then it still has a place.

  • No but it is dwindling.

    Religion does have a very significant place in society, but it is dwindling. Most of my students go to church one or twice a week and believe in god and Jesus. However, when they are participating in social activities they do not seem to truly harness their beliefs. I think that religion does have a place in society.

  • It simply needs to evolve

    Religion has not lost its place and may never lose its place as a tradition for all of humanity and society. Religion is the groundwork for many of society's accepted objective moral codes. What it needs to do is what it always has done throughout history - evolve with the times.

  • No, religion still serves a purpose.

    In United States society, many of the first states were founded based on religious principles, and around 90% of people in the United States still believe in God. When people believe in an absolute truth, they also believe in right and wrong, and a society can be more moral--though it isn't necessarily--if people are following the commonly held beliefs about what is acceptable and not acceptable in society. Many religions teach morality, and this morality is something that keeps the world from falling into anarchy.

  • No, religion has not lost its place in society.

    For some people, religion is a means of making sense of the world in which they live. Sometimes events happen that are outside of our control, and that is, to many, scary. That scariness inevitably leads individuals to try and find solace, and many individuals find that solace through religion. Religion also serves the purpose in instilling morals, and backing cultural rules so that society can function. Although some religions are outdated and not all people need them, they still serve a place in society as a whole.

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