• It HAS helped.

    Without religion, theology, philosophy etc. humans would never wonder about the world and has been a crucial part of human development. Since time immemorial there is evidence of spirituality going back millennia and has been a major part of human society.

    Religion and theology in general brought about morality and introduced some of the first legal codes. Without religion it's difficult to say that the world would be better because it has been such a major part of human history and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

    If humans were without spirituality and morality then society would be much different than to today and I don't think it would be for the better. One of the defining things about being human is that we are social creatures but that is what brought about religion in the first place, to bring people together and become a group and by that humans have gone through many trials and tribulations and come out on the other side.

  • Yes it has

    Religion has been important to our evolution: morally, psychologically, sociologically, legally, intellectually, etc.

    Morally - Religion has been a tutor on objective moral values, establishing that they do exist. Religion has provided us with moral codes that hold us accountable. Even secular morality is indebted to religion.

    Psychologically - Religion provides meaning and purpose and has been key to forging upright thinking and behavior.

    Sociologically - Religion has been fundamental in forming societies, including the greatest civilizations. Religion has also been a voice for the poor and helpless in society.

    Legally - Our modern laws originated from a religious background

    Intellectually - Christianity in the Europe and North America played a supporting role in scientific innovation

  • It has helped much more than people see.

    1. Without any sort of religious laws to back people up, some people would do much more chaos than ever.

    2. I think that the belief that there is an afterlife and a way to get to it is comforting. See, if people didn't know of 'heaven' and 'hell', people would believe life is for nothing and start doing inhumane stuff. The human race wouldn't survive.

  • Religion has done much good.

    It was the Roman Church that preserved much of Romes records, technology, and culture when the empire fell. Religion makes up 20% of all foreign aid. Because religious groups handle finances through churches and religious organization, rather than governments, they are more efficient, since 75% of all aid from other groups are lost to corrupt governments. This means that Religious groups make up half of all successful foreign aid.

  • It shows respect

    Many people read the bible and know right from wrong from the sins. Also it could help
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  • It has helped

    Without religions the world would be a chaos because all humans need something to believe in so the world can be more stable because imagine a world without religions, It would be a world with many wars of course there has been a lot of wars caused by religions but without religions it would be worse. . .

  • Whack it son!

    Without religion a whole lot of stuff that has brought the world into the state that it is in today would not exist. The Roman Empire was built of the idea of Catholicism and without the Roman Empire bringing about ideas of democracy each country would probably be living in a state of dictatorship or even worse the world would be run by the illuminati and Godzilla and King Kong would be tapping ass cheecks destroying everything while George W. Bush and Trump govern the world under a new world order haven Friday orgies with Kim Jong Un and Putin and their damn families screwing every women and man in sight grabbing the innocent by the pussy/balls and skipping to their hearts content.

    P. S. This is a joke please don’t take me serious, But the idea of religion and having hope in believing in a god that will protect you truly is a wonderful thing. Giving hope for the so called “damned” is a wonderful idea of which I personally believe in. 👌🏾👋🏾🤘🏾

    - BIGBMO

  • Religion is great

    Because its like totally awesome dude and like you can like fully understand the world and like what you were created to do and stuff and like you know how to treat people and talk to people and like behave around your parents and stuff like that fam power lit

  • It is good

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  • Religion and the Search for Answers.

    The world has mysteries that you confront and problems that you try to solve. However, mysteries are different from problems. The questions, "Does life have meaning?" "Is evil punished and goodness rewarded?" and "What is the cause of suffering?" are mysteries. No matter how many times philosophers and prophets provide answers to these and other of life's big questions, the questions remain real and pressing in every generation and in every life.

    The questions "What causes lightning?" and "How will I spend my evening if the cable goes out?" are problems. Of course, not all problems are this easily answered or (to be honest) this irrelevant. "How will we feed the children if I lose my job?" and "Where should we go if the war comes to our front door?" are some of the bigger problems that people face.

    For many folks, trying to find answers to life's mysteries is the place where the religious impulse begins. When you understand mystery, you come to understand God more as an ongoing action than as a thing and the religious life more as a quest than a destination. Comprehending such mysteries helps you figure out how to survive life's problems and enjoy life's blessings.

    Every culture has some kind of religion, and all faiths answer the question "What is the meaning of life?" Humanity's search for an answer to this question is one of the main reasons that people are drawn to religion. The answers, although different from religion to religion, give people's lives purpose, meaning, and hope.

    The different religions have their own views on the meaning of life:
    •Hinduism: Gain release from the cycle of rebirth and merge with the eternal Divine, thus escaping an inhospitable world.
    •Buddhism: Gain enlightenment and, in that way, free yourself from the sufferings that come from illusions and attachments to life.
    •Judaism: Do God's commandments.
    •Christianity: Try to love the way Jesus loved.
    •Islam: Submit oneself to the will of Allah.
    •Taoism: Achieve inner harmony.

    "Why is there suffering in the world?" That's another big mystery that religion addresses. For most religions, suffering is the result of human failing or the lack of human understanding. In monotheistic religions, suffering is wrapped up in the concept of sin and human failing. In the Eastern religions, suffering is the result of humankind's lack of understanding, or enlightenment. Whatever the source of suffering and death is — human failure or human "blindness" — religions give their members hope by offering ways to overcome suffering and death. In Western religions, the goal is salvation; in Eastern religions, it's enlightenment.

    One of most powerful reasons people come to religion is to find salvation from sin. Monotheistic religions use term sin to describe brokenness of human existence. The belief is that humans, in and of themselves, are not whole. Only by living through God's commandments or in accordance with God's will can humans be complete. Sin is a human failing, the result of human rebelliousness and arrogance.

  • The bad outweighs the good.

    We never needed a book to tell us it's wrong to murder or steal. Biologically we're inclined to work as a team. In the days before we rose together into societies and civilizations it was paramount to survival that we cooperate with each other to live through the next day. Religious feuding and intolerance has wrought such devastation and suffering in every corner of the world, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

    Religion stifles and resists scientific advancement and enforces iron age thinking and practices. Religion teaches us to hate those different than us, to force our beliefs upon others, and to be absent of responsibility and consequences, as those are handed off to a higher power, absolving us of our crimes.

    Our ancestors needed explanations for the world around them, and until the progress of science could get up to speed and explain these things, it fell upon the uneducated masses to come up with answers.

    Lightning? Must be Zeus
    Crops failing? Make a sacrifice to Tlaloc for rain
    Want to win your next battle? Better make sure Odin likes you
    Swarm of locusts? We've angered Yahweh

    We have explanations for all of these and the thousands of other "signs" of the supernatural. As science broadens and expands to fill every shadowy crevice of ignorance, the gods of our ancestors have less and less places to hide.

    People can come together under any banner. Religion doesn't need to be one of them.

  • Religion has been the cause of 90% of all wars.

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  • Religion has done some good but not merely enough to match all the nuisances it brought to humanity.

    There are two major points where religion has only slowed down humanity:

    1- As said in a previous opinion, religion only held back scientific advancement throughout history. Many religious people believe in ridiculous ideas that aren't supported by any facts. Where will that bring us? Nowhere. If we'd just stop believing in such non-sense we might advance much faster in many ways.

    2- The morality system that most religions impose on their followers is bad. Just look at all the wars that have been caused by religion. How can religions like christianity and Islam call themselves "bringer of peace" when they are responsible for so much suffering?...

    The world would be better off without religion.

    *Note: I believe that some religions such as Buddhism are actually good. The previous comments were directed especially to religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

  • Some Good but More Bad

    Religions does some good such as teaching a sense of morality and right and wrong. I do not agree with many religion's morality, however. Morality works better in society when it is viewed academically with no religious bias rather than as a purely religious concept. Conservative religion is, essentially, a system of bias. If religion is taken to a fanatical extent I then consider it a system of brainwashing with a lack of intellectual self. If your morality only comes from religious teaching then you will inevitably have holes in your morality because no religious teaching (even the large Bible) addresses all moral aspects. The Bible also contradicts itself from book to book. Religious teaching also doesn't generally encourage people to think for themselves because their text is supposed to address everything for you. The classic "look for the answer in the Bible" idea. Again, you are going to have holes in your way of thinking.

    Religion also has, arguably, brought more wars to our race more than anything else. I remember reading that the Creation Museum in Kentucky suggests that science has brought wars and destruction to our race. That is sheer ignorance and hypocrisy. Sure, science has developed weapons of war, but religion is what starts many if not most of the wars. There are wars over territory and resources, but wars over religion is also common and often more brutal because it is a war of primitive hate. There has been many religious wars, especially in the Middle East, that have used chemical weapons to kill people who oppose your religion or simply do not worship your faith. Al-Qaeda and Taliban are both religious extremist groups who use violence and war to achieve their goals.

    Christianity is not innocent either. Christians have started many brutal wars and killings in the past. The KKK is a Christian group. Christian Right Extremists are active in the United States who terrorize and murder people who they perceive as being a danger to America and their religion. Of course, none of the people they terrorize is, in any way, a threat and is just another example of religious hypocrisy.

    Religion, if kept moderate, is okay and possibly beneficial to society. I am Lutheran (ELCA) myself. I only have problems with religious extremism and conservatism which I think balances religion overall as being counterproductive to humanity as a whole. If people can learn to be more moderate with their religious beliefs and more open-minded then maybe we can all learn to get along more without religious cultural barriers.

  • Religion is harmful

    Religion has been holding us back for a while. Without the dark ages we would be much more scientifically advanced. Some religions affect the lives of people who don't believe in them or have different ways of life. Some kill, rape, torture, and commit other cruel acts in the name of their religion. Some governments punish those who disagree with their religion. I was once a christian. I used to believe that Christianity made the world better. I eventually realized that Religion has caused nothing but death and violence for hundreds of years. Religion has no place in government and no place in the modern world. We need to move on. We don't need a god to tell us right and wrong.

  • At one point yes but no longer!

    At one point has it did help maintain law and order as it was a method to control the masses (with fear).

    However nowadays most governments are large enough and in control enough that religion is no longer necessary (Police and Military).

    And now more harm than good is caused due to religion, for example, miss interpretation of religious scripts causes extremism in individuals and groups. Which in turn provokes acts of terrorism and suffering, killing thousands of innocent people.

    So in conclusion It may have once had a place in society that helped but now it is the opposite!

    As for the point about morality, Most people these days do not act civilly to people and respect the laws of the state because they fear gods displeasure and vengeance in the afterlife, but because they fear arrest and its repercussions, such as prison sentences and the inconvenience it causes to their life.

    And if you look at the way society is going (yes, mainly in the less "well off" areas of society) even that is not necessarily a deterrent!

    Posted by: mb95

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