• It is still slowing us down

    Religion is the cause of many war and some people are too focused on their religion, That they refuse to accept science and many things science has proven. Evolution and being gay are the most important ones. If their was no religion, Science would have been further and there would be less war.

  • Yes it has

    The act of prohibiting an act because your 'holy book' talks against it is just ridiculous. Without religion we wouldn't have people who prefer to die over getting a blood transfusion because their "god" says its a sin. We wouldn't have so many people killed because of their beliefs, Which a lot of religions do, Islam and christianity included.
    We wouldn't be teaching idiotic anti-scientific garbage in schools.
    And there's way more reasons.

  • My kin say the word of god

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  • Forcing a Religion on others

    Religion is used in politics, Which it is not suppose to. Many decisions should ne made an individuals faith. The Crusades; a Holy War has like many other leaders has murdered and destroyed knowledge that was deemed unholy or against their beliefs, Which has now known as medicine. Religions does not slow the race as much it use to but it does separate us.

  • Well, There are two sides to this coin

    I am an atheist, But I have to say, That I used to believe in a religion before, And I'm saying that it has taught me great values. Religion can help in many things like helping you find an answer, Helping you move on from sorrows, Helping you have faith in something, Whatever that something may be. In our personal lives, It definitely doesn't slow us down, But as my title suggest there is also a negative aspect to this for which I have also added an entry in the Yes column

  • Religion was inevitable.

    Religion is important for the development of society. Mankind was bound to ask questions about the world around it, And so it invented religion as a way to explain things before it was possible to scientifically explain nature. Yes, Certain religious beliefs have hindered science, Its okay. It has enriched the cultures of the past and provides for interesting, Modern-day debates. Let us not forget the classical pieces of the Renaissance which usually depict religious figures. Religion had developed architecture, Writing, And art. It's honestly hard for me to imagine a world without it.

  • "Religion" means nothing.

    It should be noted that "religion" is such a generic term that it means nothing. There are examples of atheistic religions, So the idea of "religion" being coterminous with Theism or Deism is foolish.

    --- Historicity ---
    In terms of "slowing us down" from a scientific basis, There is nothing further from the truth.

    The establishment of logical principles, Especially in Christian Europe and in the Islamic world both made contributions as to what is, And what is not. (It itself expanding from Greece) Philosophical principles such as Occam's Razor, Founded by a Franciscan of the Catholic Church is used heavily in scientific advancements.

    The following is a list of a few discoveries discovered by Christians:
    Atom Splitting, Calculus, Electrons, Genetics, Human Evolution, Nuclear Physics, Organ Transplants, Physiology, Quantum Physics, Scientific Method, Taxonomy, Vaccines, And the Big Bang

    --- In terms of conflict ---
    Since "religion" is a non-word, I'm going to assume you're talking about Theism. Even still, This is false. Much of the issues, Such as the European religious wars where caused about rights for different religious and ethnic groups, Including cultural issues. Very close religious thoughts (Catholics and Protestants, Sunnis and Shias, Etc) follow a sort of human law, The same is true about Left-Wing governments in the 20th century. The USSR and the PRC, The PRC and SRV, All had some sort of conflict with each other, Despite being self-proclaimed "socialist". Even during the Russian Civil War, Close political groups had inner-conflicts and constantly fought each other (Bolsheviks vs Mensheviks vs Trudoviks)

    Purely on the basis of "religion" or "socialism" in terms of a homogeneity is irrelevant to any cause of conflict. In fact, More people died under atheism under the 20th century than every death from every "religious" conflict combined. Of course, This does not invalidate atheism, Just as it doesn't invalidate "religion".

    All of the above are however, Empirical. One may respond, "but these advancements could be made in spite of Theism, Not because of it". This is a fair argument to make in terms of the empirical evidence, But not against reason. For a Theist, Especially in Christian Europe, The use of reason, Logic and science were methods of use FOR Theism. The thought process was, If God made the world, Then it would follow that we should know more about the world as it is one of his creations.

    This is the reason for the saying "if there exists a law, There must exist a law giver". The substantiation of scientific laws, And the use of logic and reason does not invalidate Theism but supports it. More importantly, "religion" does not "keep us backwards".

  • No, Absolutely not

    As an atheist, I believe that religion is critical to the sane development of a society.
    First, Lets ask ourselves what is the purpose of humans existing?
    Well, From the point of view of an atheist, The universe is meaningless so is our existence. The human instinct of finding the cause/origins of things pushes us towards giving a meaning to our existence. Why are we here? What is human's purpose? Do we play a role in anything at all? There are no definitive answers to these questions as there is not a single argument suggesting that humans have in any way, Shape or form a purpose in our universe. Some might say that human's purpose is noble. We are tasked to find the hows and whys of the universe (science), Procreate and transmit this knowledge to our descendent. However, What are our descendent supposed to do with these knowledge? Prolongate our existence?
    Things that are bound to happen, Will happen. If we were given a billion dice and told to roll 6 with all of them, No matter how improbable the chances are, With an infinite amount of tries, Success is bound to happen just like how human knowledge is bound to disappear with human race.

    In such a meaningless environment, Humans have the instinct to find a cause, To find a purpose in everything. Religion answers these questions for us, Questions that science cannot answer, Filling our sense of meaningless in the universe and randomness and giving religious people a framework on how to produce knowledge and answer questions that science will probably never, Ever be able to answer. This framework allows us, Humans, To keep going in our lives without thinking its meaningless and develop as a society despite of our lives having no purpose at all.

  • The Opposite is True

    I can understand the question being suggested, But there is no way it slows us down. Having the belief in a higher creator, A higher power has enabled people to do so much. For starters, The renaissance was helped by the crusades. Without the Renaissance and it's wealth of knowledge, The human race would have been lagging behind where we currently are now. Without religion, There would have been less of an incentive to coming and settling in the Colonies. That's not to say it would have never happened, But there would be fewer incentives. Not to mention, Religion is a very binding force, And at the beginning of current countries, Binding impacts such as this created the factions needed to bond people. Looking at only these few points, It is safe to assume that religion has not slowed us down.

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